Regular station or garbage station some thinking about doing station for three years

in the twinkling of an eye, website also three years, handled many websites. There is a problem has been thinking, I believe that many webmaster friends have considered, that is: the network to make money, in the end is to do regular stand, or garbage station,


so-called formal stand, that is content originality, white hat optimization; so-called garbage station, that is, by collecting pseudo original, the mass of the chain. Which is the right way,

?If you have

projects, venture capital, Everfount funds, so there is no doubt that is sure to do regular recruiting station, but unfortunately, most people do not have such talent, opportunity and capital. This time, if still insist on every day original, every day do the chain, that result only one kind – every day busy, physically and mentally exhausted, success has been still in the distance. Of course, simply love, you can always adhere to.

and garbage stations are different, relying on group building, mass, can get a lot of traffic in a short time, IP=RMB, so, want to have a good income in a short time, with the garbage station can be regarded as a good means. In the circle, through the garbage station, there are few thousand or even tens of thousands of important drugs. But the garbage station has one drawback – short life. Especially in the past two years, with the continuous improvement of search engine algorithm, the risk of K is also increasing. In order to continue to make money, you can only use the "new" – the first station has not been K, immediately on the second batch of third batches, fourth batches of station…… This has a drawback, although earn money fast, but not stable, also very tired.

so, what about the third method?. Regular station weight is high, in the final analysis, because the content quality is high, the quality of the chain is good; garbage station to make money fast, winning the secret is a "group" word, rely on only collection and release, station efficiency than manual high ten million times. As long as we combine the advantages of these two techniques and do "regular garbage collection", we can realize the dual goal of "profit + stability".

so how can we implement that? It’s simple, as long as the following aspects are implemented:

(1) content is high quality;

(2) has some external chain support;

(3) can be automated in batch operation.


(2) and (3) these two requirements can be solved by this idea, station group: the station group software can realize batch automation; and multiple station website group formed in the sprocket, and can smoothly realize each other with the chain. Well, the most difficult problem is (1), that is, high quality content. I tried some cluster software, but most of them are pure garbage stations. The content is not readable at all, and the life is too short. Therefore, the station group software, automation and sprocket is not difficult, difficult is difficult in content. I have been many failed attempts to find a solution, that is the knight station engine, this software has automatic function of station group software, pseudo original quite powerful, with their own.

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