Present two principles and four methods of site type

as a website, the first step is to determine the theme type of the site. Positioning is very important, because the positioning determines the follow-up content construction, website promotion methods, ways, the need to accumulate network resources and so on.

There are many

owners have had the experience of doing celebrity gossip network, collect the station, engaged in a local forum, and played with QQ non mainstream. This is a process of experience and accumulation. Yanqi is also doing a lot of stations, to determine the theme now Tianxi business network. If after a year, you still do not find their own station, do a throw one, it is a waste of youth.

so, for a personal webmaster, how do you better select the right site type,


selects the two major principles of web type

1, choose what you are interested in. Huang Yi "and" language: only very in love, so to the sword. Constant enthusiasm, passion, and persistence can create many miracles. Because you are interested, you can stick longer than others.

2, choose what you are good at or have resources. The profits of monopoly over reasonable value are obvious. As long as prices increase, state-owned enterprises can raise their revenues because they have no rivals. Personal webmaster should also make full use of the unique resources around. For example, a teacher, there are a lot of original courseware resources in the school, as a sharing station, certainly more advantages than others. Of course, copyright should be taken into account, with the original teacher to do a communication.

selects the four method of site type

1, pay attention to website trading platform. For example, A5 website Trading Forum, popularity is good. Through sales, volume and other data, you can see the boom in personal website industry. I like to come here often and find some information that will help me.

people who sell stations always list the approximate flow, income, keywords, status, and other merit of buying. If you are doing this kind of station, we can analysis these advantages, you stand is also can do? You can also consult other QQ information, although some people write If You Are The One, but in order to steal, or to a disturbance rejection.

2, check link exchange platform. For example, my SEM ( and other link switching platforms now emit a lot. Through the platform, you can see what the station owners are doing now, analysis of the popular reasons. According to the 2 principles above, see what kind of Web site is right for you.

also pays attention to buyers in such platforms as the gold chain. For example, the Ningbo Daily’s Ningbo online gold chain, Bai Jinlian, ties, wealth chain is responsible for selling links. These flowers, big money to sell, link stations, buyers are optimistic about, or a good income website. You can think over it and use it for reference.

3, often look at the site navigation station. Generally speaking, can >

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