Reading drawings main responsibilities and work contents of website operation management


website operation is mainly divided into product management, operation management, team management, advertising management, member management, security management, content management, marketing management. The order of the operation and management of the website is in accordance with the order in the preceding order.

product management, corresponding product design,

operation management, corresponding operation planning, corresponding product optimization, corresponding data analysis,

team management, team optimization,

The structure of

security management corresponding product optimization

content management corresponding content construction

marketing management, product promotion and product marketing

1. Product design

1. Market Research

(1.) requirements collection

(2.) requirements management,

(3.) competitive analysis

(4.) product strategy

2. design management

(1.) solution

(2.) submit attachment

(3.) releases standard

(4.) product goal

(5.) agile iteration

3. user experience

(1.) interactive design

(2.) visual design

(3.) interface design

(4.) interface making

(5.) information architecture

4. communicate document

(1.) market requirements document (MRD)

(2.) product requirements document (PRD)

(3.) competition analysis document

(4.) user role document

(5.) usability test report

(6.) conceptual model

(7.) content navigation / sitemap

(8.) flow chart

(9.) prototype (high fidelity, low fidelity)

two. Content building

1. material editor

2. column planning

3. channel planning

4. content editor: original, integration, editing and promotion of materials

5. network pr

6. topic planning

7. thematic planning

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