We lost too much for the website

Hello everybody, I’m unlimited traffic union black, from the site to now, I think I lost a lot for the site, I specifically said below.

from the beginning of their own learning site to produce their own website time, encourage me is my girlfriend and I broke up, I love her, as first station power is the reason, said the web site to make money, he will not consciously join in, after a period of Gunpa, in no one taught state, completely self-taught, put a few of the thick book to do, do it more difficult, step by step, the front of the computer every day, this time is at 7 every morning and night zero Chen 4 sleep, just a few hours of sleep, so the life I live for a whole month, when wake up, then you have a girlfriend to think of it, and their parents, but to pursue these when they are gone, and the parents become very poor, not to mention My girlfriend.

website now for me is a bit of my experience, we will go to analyze the reasons, but this does not mean abandoning my crystal! Although did not have time to pay attention to, but the heart is always thinking about, is now the main work in the infinite flow alliance, in the face in me out of my love the shadow of me in there every day and feel happy, this is my home, I feel my existence, ask: when you feel the body, but the soul is not in what it would be like this feeling, I finally did, I pick up what you lost is heavy but really happy.

now I live very comfortable, in alliance with the help I grew a lot, thanks to the infinite flow Union gave me a new starting point, gave me a new life, with a grateful heart I write this article, hope to be able to suggest the webmaster! Don’t like me to hell since has the website, it is not worth it, especially our health! Is the webmaster at advice! Remember, but we don’t have the life change radically, Yongming, with healthy Qupin! Finally, unlimited traffic alliance QQ group 6585336 welcome to the family, let us feel warm, head of the harbor is here! In this paper, by the www.tudouwebsite.cn station to pick the feeds, please note the name of the source, thank you for your cooperation!


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