My understanding of the Baidu collection site

, you guys, yesterday, yesterday, I met a bolt from the blue — Baidu K,

station ( a month in the first week included in the later slowly my station is made up of more than 200 pages. G to the day before yesterday has a page not only a sub domain name page 16 ( today I continue to wonder why this is. I finally want to understand.

1. Baidu super love original which is known to everyone. But the original is not to say that there are so first we make some original things to seduce Baidu. He put your collection of words in the beginning of your collection but must change the contents of it in my station (http://s. is for the acquisition what did not change is K.

2.SEO that we all know. But I personally think that SEO of our new haven’t much use. Because no matter you SEO again good also not ranked by what good ranking. Don’t overdo SEO Baidu still Kacha you. I stand by K ( is also estimated to have this component in

3. articles updated every day this is very important. If the spider Baidu can not see your updates that he would not climb to you there next time. So attention must be updated every day. The best day to find friends to write an original inside.

4. original problem is the webmaster has been very troublesome problem. After all, the power of the brain is how to make the site more limited original? Many people think of is to copy others then half as in the spider’s eyes he is the original. This is good. But with the evolution of this method seems not spider very practical. So I suggest that we build a group on the website. Let netizens to write. There is your friend to help you write. A man is not enough. And your friends friends be enough you the original


5. IP this is the use of every figure wangdage a word. But it too difficult to understand. Good friends are now from the search to find what they want to see a news paipaipigu away. But how do we use them? Here’s a way that you put some more seductive advertising images such as.

in the following article pages

that’s all. I hope you’ll see how helpful it is for your site.

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