Teach you how to do GG Dai Shen project

, in fact, the application for GG on behalf of people is nothing more than those few strokes, friends professional BGG, but he never lacked the number, the method I know, here, say,


method 1

prepares 5 COM, NET, ORG, LA……… So try to use CN at the end of the meters, meters! Why not despise our Chinese, we want to understand, CN at the end of 1 meters 1 yuan registered who don’t understand! This is to teach you to do the project to ensure the success rate, the success rate of around 80%.

m ready, as you prepare for the google.com to apply GG to the meter, the Internet source station just to find a source, recommend 1 is home, 2 is company, 3 is the navigation program, other do not know because my friend is a web site to GG English station search Textile Company pull 9.10 page casually, it looks like a network company on the line, like down, about 10 minutes, because you go to the source code under the difficult included, of course can also take the domestic manufacturers to stop imitation, but to find a look can also stand! Just search for chemical fertilizers. Cotton, scarf, clothes, like


meters, fill in company name when you register (you can go directly to buy a COM meter casually)

as long as you are over 5 months, search included 1, 2 pages on it, and go directly to the application, GG want you to add a document to prove that you are your own company, you + on the general passed,


method 2


meters, casually a small program or manual registration. He must use a registered thousands of meters all parked after half a year when a HTML just let the search included it through 100% generation, a registered 20RMB, cost only 1 yuan, 1 512J of free space


method 3

casually to Baidu search a company, they did not apply for GG on the line,

application Tim name corresponding to the company name, this method is only suitable for the individual, Western Union I don’t know, I took the unit website application, then no Western Union, I came to take the money by check can get the money! I have no what malicious, just give a little personal experience.


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