Make some notes on the description page of the product

before the description of the goods, we should first want to know one thing, is what is the most important commodity description page, the atmosphere is beautiful to do? Or do the convenient operation? Or do the rich information? These are not the most important commodity description page, or that these are in order to achieve a purpose, is to maximize the promotion of the purchase, which is to improve the conversion rate of users, only around a center that will make the product description page is the user really need.

, while improving the user conversion rate, here are some of the very important things about the product description page:

1. Content display must be consistent,

domestic users in online shopping, buy one thing before, there will be a lot of psychological process, he will go to more than the price of goods, would be to consider normality, will consider the price of goods and so on, in order to reassure users there are so many psychological consideration, our product description page is to have a lot of content it.

content is large, it is necessary to do a good job of content layout planning, and planning the most important thing is to have continuity, step by step to guide users to buy, rather than let the user’s thinking jump. The content of the jump will only make users more questions, the desire to buy will be reduced.

two, related recommendations, special events should be placed behind the product description,

when a user moves into a commodity details page, his biggest purpose must be to want to know the goods, or want to buy this product, and the relevant recommendations and special events, this is fundamentally contrary to the user’s purpose, but this section also must exist, because can bring related sales and guide the recommended action. In this case, the best thing to do is to put relevant recommendations and special events on the back of the product description.

users into the product page will first understand the information of the product, in line with his demand, and if the product is finished, the user is not yet time to think what you want, then the relevant recommendations and thematic activities can guide users to reduce the user out of just perfect, and increase the probability of turnover.

three, text, no pictures, rendering power,

pictures are simple to read, not easy to cause visual fatigue, and good picture captions are more powerful than text. Give a very simple example: you want to go to that shop is doing promotions, you may use the description text: pro! Now half the audience, 50 percent off preferential! This text does not seem to have a strong sense of promotion, but with a picture of 50%sale, a down arrow, is enough, and more prominent, strong taste of promotion.

four, corn, and Bonzi can’t be less

the product description page must not be only for product presentation and presentation

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