From novice to prospective web designer’s growth process

today is very happy, my new station on-line three days has been Baidu included. Today, I’m going to talk about how I’m from a newbie to a web designer. My name is Wang Longfei was once a web design rookie, through their own continuous exploration and practice, now can independently create a static site complete, and to the school NN> 5 department and outside the company website, although not a complete sense of the Web Designer (web designer) however, some requirements are not very professional, not perfect site is small things, hey, is not a boast too) my heart is small with a sense of accomplishment, so the self styled Web Designer! I think the growth process is fairly fast, so I would like to introduce my experience to some friends who are interested in it.

learn knowledge step by step

to learn HTML, find the materials they can read, browse, do not remember all the concepts, just remember to use the principle on the line, at this stage, the estimated three days is enough; then two days time to learn CSS, methods ibid; and then spend some time to look at the html" class=" wordstyle" > JavaScript. Then you can use Notepad to try writing several pages, and remember not to use those visualization tools at that time, such as FrontPage and Dreamweaver. There is a "shortcut" to improve their writing ", is the major site of the web page, preserved (what? You say you can’t save the page? Is the file, save as), and then open the saved page, right click to view the source file, look at the people" is how to write then, they imitate the way, continue to regulate their own code. Hey, this method is good, right?. Let’s have a good imitation. Then we should learn about Fireworks. The proposed start to find some online tutorial examples, these tutorial examples are generally very detailed introduction, follow it step by step down, every society as an example grasp several operations, but also have their own work, have a sense of achievement, the long-term accumulated for their improvement very helpful. Fireworks is mainly to learn image processing, such as adding some effect, it is important is that, this is very important for beginners. At this point you can also combine Dreamweaver learning, you can understand the seamless integration of Dreamweaver and Fireworks. Use these tools to do more than a few pages, and you can reach a certain level. If you want to make your page more dazzling effect, I suggest you learn Flash, the difficulty is not large, but if the front of the html" class=" wordstyle" > JavaSc>

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