Analysis of B2B industry website title bar design general standards

in the B2B industry website framework design and production process, the title bar design is the largest workload, the largest frame of the page. Website Logo and navigation bar design, basically every page is the same as the home page, compared with the workload will be much smaller. Whether it’s home page, two column page, or navigation page, content final page, excellent title bar always allows readers to quickly and easily find what they want to read, and it doesn’t interfere with the content of the page.

1 B2B industry website title bar design of the general standard

B2B industry websites and general commercial portal sites in the title bar design most is the same, but due to the B2B industry website more visitors and users in the office work and learning, needs a more serious atmosphere, they need more business information, industry information industry, technical knowledge and other content, rather than entertainment and leisure. At the same time and enterprise website title has great difference bar design, page do not need to highlight the characteristics of brand culture and product through the title bar of the color and shape, so the B2B industry website to weaken the title bar and color images, not to get visitors content affect the general standard is as follows.

The title on the

1.1 column is larger than most of the content font on the page, bold and more

maybe you think this standard who all know, but in my practice, and many people accept the consultation process, see some sites, as well as some designers to my page on the title bar of words and content words as large as 12PX for bold, perhaps they are not, maybe they think it is bold, but from here to see, some people still do not rise to the level of theory, by the feeling. Generally for the font size: 14PX, bold.


middle farmer network homepage information section title column

as shown above, for the rural network ( home page information part of the title bar, can be seen from the title bar, agricultural news, news photos, agricultural information words, than below not recommended by the title word, the selected part has been bold, let visitors understand, see now the bold part of agricultural news. Therefore, the title bar bold, larger font, all page designers, site testers must be clear basic standards. Of course, the key recommendation in the content can be larger than the title bar.


clothing website title column, font size has not changed, not bold, there is no hierarchy,

as shown above, for the title column of a clothing website, is not standardized, the title of the title of the word is neither bold nor big, the page looks no hierarchy. This side >

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