How does the stationmaster make his road go further

webmaster is a passionate and dream role, and it’s also a tough part to follow. In this way, after the achievements, joy, but also lost the direction of confusion. How many webmaster in the confusion, died his dream; how many Adsense has not really appreciate, this role has quit the webmaster stage. How to let oneself break through the confusion, and realize their dreams, is every webmaster in the struggle of the biggest wish, and now with their own situation, and your webmaster friends share their insights.

I do deal with accounting personnel service work, work with members of staff contact for a long time, in contact with the crowd, inadvertently appear an idea that for this group to establish a website. After repeated thinking, the idea is still feasible. Accounting is a large group, and it is a stable and growing group. For this idea, then work, most of my energy is spent on the accounting website, only the domain name of the website I have come up with more than 10, and finally decided to use a combination of Hebei Jianpin and ‘Heb’ accounting two words first letter "kJ" ( Can say, obsessed with the point. I put down the application domain and space, do it when I first encountered confusion started, when only consider to be an accountant website, but I don’t know how to set this as this column, the establishment of a function of what kind of website? I do not know whether it will be completed people go to visit it? A series of questions have led me to abandon the original idea. This confusion for a long time, so that I firmly step forward. But my original idea did not let me pass away, like a ghost from time to time in my mind. After a period of calm thinking, I intend to write down my ideas. Thus, there will be the first document of the Hebei accounting network, in which I made clear the Hebei accounting network, the content of the Hebei accounting network, the Hebei accounting network policy and the goal to be achieved.

did not expect these irregular words, became my breakthrough puzzle of the sword, as I pointed out the direction of progress. Whenever I am confused, I see these words, not only do not give up the idea, but will make their own new harvest.

With the help of

and his friends, Hebei’s accounting network has been developing steadily. My knowledge is constantly improving and deepening. The relevant text form also constantly accumulated in the west. For the purpose of more clearly defining the content of the website, I formulated the overall policy of "one center, three platforms". In order to promote the formulation of "under the Internet, two hands promotion strategy" and "accounting net profit analysis" and other documents, I am encouraged all the time, and guide me, so that I get out of confusion, continue to move forward.

I know. Hebei’s accounting network has just begun. It’s a long way to go and there will be a lot of confusion. But I still insist on my practice and keep track of every idea I have. As the essence of ISO says, write what I do, do what I write, and remember what I do

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