Z Blog theme template modify design experience

confused, depressed for a morning, finally, the Z-Blog theme download first and second of the two successful combination template into a template, although now navigation background color and details of things not perfect. After catching up with an early worker, I am satisfied with the effect. Recently, the blog’s home page and my name were a little bit depressed by Baidu K.

recently started the blog as a reform, but has no time to do, because last year DB data as Z-Blog upgrade when you accidentally deleted, so Baidu drop right, Google dropped PR, I also gradually accepted silently. Although the recent work has been repetitive, the team that has just integrated into the Cyber Marketing Institute, has always had a lot to do, and there are a lot of other places you don’t understand.

recalls this time last year, I was a guest Network Marketing Institute of network marketing training, then just talked about to build a blog, I would head into the Z-blog, HTML, CSS, JS code, do not know is not learned before programming because of special interest in code. The more you can’t do it, the more you want to do it.

I almost went nuts last year to move the middle of the orange template to the right. When I finally succeeded in moving that middle module, I found myself thinking too complex and too much. In fact, the reason is simple. It’s just a parameter problem. It can be changed by horizontal alignment. In this share, last year after the completion of the orange template written that article: "web design Z-Blog theme, CSS code, modify the experience and experience".

like and some far away, but today’s experience and the experience of some orange template changed last year has been quite similar, I love orange template, because classification column navigation template is orange and I know the only explanation function template. When I was studying at the online marketing college, I just started blogging. I decided to pick the orange template because I thought it was difficult to change the template, and I wanted to challenge the orange template.

from the general feeling that the orange template functions should be fairly useful, the template construction is very simple, very conducive to do when a friend of SEO, the main reason is the overall framework of it is relatively simple, and the three column, the sea can barely count appearance. Some friends said that the color of the soil, it is not important, the most important thing is that the orange template TOP template is built by table, it is more troublesome to modify.

gives me the impression that the head of the orange template is not very atmospheric, beautiful, and lacks a web top. If you don’t understand Z-Blog, you might think it’s a simple site manager. Until now, the template for the first download of the Z-BLOG theme template appeared, and I found that the head of the template just made up for the defects of the orange template.

The idea of

has been shelved until now

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