Try to let your site users only fail once

foreword: the author is the webmaster of green download station, some articles published in the early stage of this website development. has opened a month, now more and more people to find their own software need, but because our website still belongs to the initial stage of development, so there are quite a lot of temporary software in our download station still cannot find, every day I will go to the analysis of visitor behavior study customers not a visit, to see whether really can give others to bring convenience, at the same time, I also found that there are a lot of customers to visit our website, still can not find the software needed to leave the rogue, whenever I see this situation, I am very sad, so when I found someone can not find the software, I will immediately let the editors to add this software. Because our website has let customers down once, can not let him disappointed again.

Analysis of user

so I think good access behavior, and analyze user needs and disappointed, then it is not too late, serious improvement, so there will be more and more customers will stay away, although a large part of. This we can only increase our efforts to update, as far as possible to fill the lack of software.


website is like their own child, every day to watch him grow and need to pay a lot of effort and money, if you do just want to make money, then I think your motivation is wrong, time to consider a website can bring convenience to the user, can let a little disappointed visitor, so your station is it is really meaningful, even if you stand only a visitor, if the visitors in your station got really solve things or things, then you help others, it has meaning, otherwise meaningless, if you earn money into the website of the tool, so tired, you also it is better to find something else to do, perhaps more profitable.

Of course, we do not

not to make money, I think, before obtaining the huge user stickiness and user access groups, the best focus on improving the user experience and make a little disappointed customers above, not thinking about how to get traffic, when you have time to really flow, once the flow to exceed a certain limit, then your website will give you bring huge profits. I think this time to think about how the commercial or commercial, this part of the formation of a professional team and it’s not too late.

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