Twenty years ago veterans now the webmaster all the way step by step

at the end of 80s, I graduated from high school, home for me to have a state-run work unit (then army demobilization arrangement work) for me, and no longer society sub mixed together and fights, to put me into the barracks to wear green uniforms. The camp is a big melting pot, where I had fought, from body to soul baptism and test. The army has transformed me from a young man who knows nothing about life into a qualified soldier. Camp changed my outlook on life, as the song "camp man" sings "highland is wide, withstand wind and waves, we, I no longer have toughened and hardened into steel" fights, positive progress requirements, outstanding tasks assigned by superior. I join the Communist Party of China honorably. The military camp has left a deep imprint on my life track, and I will not worry about it wherever I go, because I know how unimaginable it is if the country does not have a soldier.

three years after I left, fought to bear hardships and sweat discharged back to the local comrades. Are so reluctant to leave, one tears in the skirt, because as we have comrades britherhood. Back to the place, I was assigned to work in a state-owned enterprise. In 2000, the state-owned enterprises were reformed, and I, like most people, were bought out". With that unit of thirty thousand yuan, and re search for work. The Chinese society is in a drastic change, and the throes of the variant have fallen on us. The soldiers who once were brave enough to accept the torrent like everyone else. These years, I have continued to work in several enterprises, because there is no higher education, education is not high, nor what professional knowledge, enhance the difficult, but through their own efforts, I did the Department in charge of. Whether it’s a state-owned enterprise or a Private Companies, no matter what the job is, I’ll do my best to do it well. I am now every month have a health rating, and I was always in the Department award a few yuan, not very much money, but feel not unworthy of bear "veterans, members of this title.

I still work hard, but I feel that I contribute too little to my family. How can my poor salary cope with the present high consumption?. I worked as a student card after work, and I set up street stalls in downtown streets at night to help others decorate. Hard? I don’t care, because I have the duty to make my love and children better and have dignity and decent life. By the end of 2009, I see "Taobao" introduced on the Internet, which took a keen interest in the thought, if a guest website does not lose a good way to make money.

an idea, really want to do, difficult. I’m more than 40 years old now. When I graduated from high school, there was no Internet, or computer, Mao Linfeng’s foot. Although two years ago, home broadband computer, but their level is just going to read the news on the Internet a few characters, their own web site easier said than done my family has a neighbor?! do computer repair.

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