How accurate user demand traffic a reasonable set of pictures of various basic attributes

Many websites now

has become a picture of the world, what website content are not, the entire site on the surface to that title, navigation, column, pictures, in fact this is just a picture for the site on the surface of things, from the deep level, the net station in the picture also determines the site the development of search engines do not know your picture on the page to grab, so whether your site in the picture is good or bad, the most important is the picture we attribute to do, but also the only way to take pictures through to more user traffic for the site, the following specific to talk about how to set up the image attributes let the picture, detonated site traffic.

1. Set the picture ALT property


talked about setting the picture ALT, many owners may think this is a very simple thing, in fact, for most of the images dominated sites, the ALT property is very important, the setting for the ALT property is not simple, a very simple example: your photos appeared on the Internet, if there is no match the contents of this photo illustrated, then see this picture of the user or search engine will think, is this picture in the recycle bin or trash database. Therefore, the webmaster in the picture site ALT property settings, not only to be reasonable, but also intentions.

1, set the ALT attribute, it is best to use descriptive language, so that simple and direct picture content will be clear, so that users see, have their own experience and feelings.

2, from the user point of view on the picture attribute set, the search engine spiders cannot judge whether the original picture is, it only look at the content, now the search engine is to promote the content, so the picture content attribute us not only to the original, away from the machine imitate, allowing users to see the valuable content.

two, picture links, names to be standardized,

often included pictures website are on the link with the name as the main body, and this time if your picture link contains keywords, or the name of the picture website containing relevant keywords, so that a search engine will think this picture is related with the master, will give a higher recognition, it is through such now the pictures are on the website to introduce a large collection of traffic, so it is video website and now, video sites are often because of the name of the video can attract a lot of traffic, but also to do cover pictures website keywords try URL link, the name of the picture as far as possible with the main related keywords.

three, image format, watermark according to space

is not to say what the picture must be in the PNG or JGP format, this format two more GIF with respect to the space occupied, if your site space, then I suggest you had better choose the space occupied by the small amount of picture format, which can improve the overall speed of loading site, not on

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