80 years younger sister open shop 72 days of experience and sad

my shop opened from now have 72 days to complete; but in this short period of more than 70 days, I have to give up, perhaps is not their own mode of operation, maybe his lazy; open shop has not been popular, he also began to take a break!

shop before their confidence, think if you go to business, to the publicity will be harvested, but things always backfire! Look at every day of the past, my confidence is like a balloon like the package slowly discouraged! I also think a lot but the popularity is not. I really don’t know what to do now! ·


in just more than 70 days, my shop has changed two times, the first time a friend introduced health care pillow, and health care; business for a month or so, never sold one; then I will do his line of work, the sale of all walks of life the large commercial and business portal website source program, because I am a web development technician, professional development of production site; therefore, the confident, I was to enhance the popularity, not to think about money!


I just renovated, name: "love fine source", because I have 600 sets of large source program, ready to sell hot CD-ROM which includes: large commercial business, industry classification and information network, dating mall source large car movie music talent beauty picture navigation, Minister of state local portal class education school delicacy entertainment OA office system self-help Station system……

can also modify the site according to customer requirements and imitation website; really hope this can smoothly!! I believe that the efforts will be fruitful, even if only a little while; his literary talent is not good, write a bit messy, but really a lot of good out!


and sister feel the same, you can enter the shop to see, to sister refueling, enhance the popularity of it! Thank you!


demo address: www.010cms.cn

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