Baidu union is not too high to be reached

I’m a little personal webmaster, and do N station, visit a small amount of day only dozens, hundreds of IP, when the traffic can reach tens of thousands of IP/, I think this "scale" with many webmaster have some "deja vu". Failure, failure, and we are looking forward to the website that will make us successful!


before the station is purely for interest, not considered profitable, until one day traffic increases suddenly, need to spend the cost of a small upgrade space to maintain the current size of the visit, I found this website is the need to burn, there is no money to play well site.

so I began to focus on making money online. According to the older generation’s prompt, I have registered many big and small advertisement alliance, big such as Google Adsense, small like cat mop, swindler Union and so on. But has not registered Baidu alliance, because from a variety of channels to understand, always feel that Baidu union is not so small that can be too high to be reached, looking back, so don’t try.

For example, many online

in the article, high requirements on the website of the Baidu alliance, for example, asked to participate in the Alexa website ranking must be less than 50 thousand, and as many forums often see some people posting said Baidu alliance love K, some people experienced advice to others, your account has just reached 100 yuan by the title. So there’s always a lot of doubt in my mind.

early this year, I had a close friend who wanted to sign up for the Baidu alliance. His station and my station scale is quite, had not thought smoothly passed the application. However, I still want to see him seems to halt the troops and wait, "end" is not the legendary to 100 K. Six months later, the friends of the Baidu alliance better and better, in June the income of up to 1000 yuan, and have successfully received the commission paid by Baidu.

I could not stay! My friend’s personal experience tells me that himself is the best weapon to confirm and break the rumors! So I applied for a Baidu alliance, did not expect to receive mail today, that my application has been successfully obtained by.

now, my score was 0, the income is 0, the code is not online, is a complete novice, is a new worm just broken cocoon! But I hope for tomorrow


at the same time, I also give some advice about the Baidu Baidu alliance, the alliance should strengthen the positive publicity, against bad rumors that have an ulterior motive, let more people understand the real Baidu alliance, the big stage to allow more station into the Baidu alliance

!The above is my

in the "Baidu website alliance integral 2nd anniversary" activities contribute articles, I will post is Kz=447349268, hope to get the support of friends to help me to take you, thank you.

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