The first ad unit to effectively improve the advertising priceWhere is the way out for beginner


do Wangzhuan complex, simple will be simple, but why do Wangzhuan novice often feel powerless, can not find any direction, find a Wangzhuan project in the case of desperation in the end is that actually is a liar, a waste of their time, but also a waste of money, some new friends even then it is because novice friends unable to get up after a fall, when engaged in Wangzhuan due to lack of experience, gullible people say lies, and then blindly engage in their thought or listen to others to say very profitable projects, and finally failed, I advise the novice friends here now, not in this blind, although Wangzhuan is really there, but do Wangzhuan rely on strength, and not to give you a tutorial, give you a data then you can continue to make money, dreaming ! really such a good thing, I would not be here to send what the article, I said is true, is all my own years do Wangzhuan keenly aware of, say, to sum up, I hope to help the novice to do Wangzhuan! If you can’t do the following, please stop it, this business is not suitable for your


check it immediately, you click on the highest rate of advertising unit now is "the first advertising unit".


is not for you do not know how to improve website advertising price and trouble? Then Study hard about today’s

please note that here we are talking about "the first advertising unit" refers to the "HTML code appears first in the advertising code, and the first ad unit in the source code is not necessarily the first advertising unit users see in the browser. You can use the DIV tag set in the code, the ad unit at the bottom of the page as the first advertising unit of HTML code.

video tutorial of our university:

4 of your convictions and trust their own ability, do not for one repulse, downhearted, if so, that your heart is too fragile, constantly encourage yourself, believe yourself! Add your convictions >

2 if you really can not learn, then you should have at least to look forward the network, and sharp thinking, is not to say that you need to see the development of a few years later in the network, but at least you should know the network today in busy what? How big the website to see, see the beat today network. Then skillfully make the most of the resources to become their own wealth wealth here does not mean that it must be money

according to this principle, you can use a custom channel tracking each ad unit, find advertising unit the highest click rate, and the advertising unit on the front in the HTML code. In this way, the highest price advertising unit advertising click rate is the highest, then click on your site overall price increases.

in the shlf1314 AdSense system of advertising, advertising the front page unit in HTML code is always the first to show the highest bid advertising. At the same time, if there is not enough ads on your site, the first ad unit will be a priority to display ads. So if you put "two ad units, by advertising unit before the price of the ads in the HTML code is always higher than the other one.

this article!

3 valued Wangzhuan the experience of their predecessors, but to distinguish those Scriptures, those are false, find the Scriptures, will let you avoid detours on this point I but to explain, believe that everyone understand

1 do Wangzhuan their best can have a solid foundation of the network or that it is also OK, this is the most important, Wangzhuan celebrities understand you should have heard of it, I really love him once said a word, that is they can not do teach others to do it well. Indeed, there is truth, but what other people do for you? You have to ask for money, and, if they do not understand what, in the network, others have deceived you, you have to say thank you to others, so that his best can understand a little a little basic knowledge of network, small the domain name space, the program source code, you want to spend time to learn, don’t need a master, but at least I want to understand, don’t bother, I had also from sh419 as a teacher and then find absolutely ignorant of, and accumulate their knowledge, both But I can do it, why can’t you? Remember: learn a technique and you will benefit for life!

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