To be a Taobao guest the most important thing is to stop the urge to be impatient and talk about th

2. should always go to the community to learn experience.

1. choose the goods – quality first,

7. takes advantage of all the resources in Taobao.


5. shines out her baby’s features.


8. faces our achievements and problems with a positive attitude.

20. people think it is also the most important point, perseverance, quit urgent, impetuous,

even better products should have service protection, perfect service process can promote transactions, but also the protection of re sales. The service personnel should have a comprehensive understanding of their products, including the follow-up service and exchange principle, logistics time, etc.

in short, the mentality must be stable. See your site record, at this time is not the mentality rather relax, whether text or looking for information, not a bit anxious, right! Do the following 20 principles, you will be immortal.

1. shop page to do a good job.

2. promotion – premise of success

17. is a good idea of your product information.

15. define shop location.

promotion means is the first brush reputation, reputation is too low the store is very difficult to make customers want to buy, to choose a good reputation brush brush drill platform, but also pay attention to not anxious, cheating is excessive taobao check to be heavy penalties, so as to establish or add The loss outweighs the gain.; related industries through the group, popularity to promote their shops; emerging channels — micro-blog marketing by micro-blog, the popularity is also very high, good publicity will let you win a large number of customers here. Promotion is far more than that. As long as you are good at finding out, forums, blogs, quizzes, etc. are all good places for you to advertise yourself.

do not know whether we have this experience, if done Taobao customers, see other people’s site included so much, the volume of the day is so high. Anxious and what like, and panic, copy an article into their own link everywhere on the hair, wait a second send it 100. In fact, it’s better to calm down and write a good original one day, and publish 3 blogs every day. Don’t believe it, try it.

now do Taobao business is not what happens, but want to highlight in the vast sea of their own is not easy, especially for new entrants to the Taobao business, is even more difficult to win customers. How to share a cup of soup in the Wangzhuan? Taobao business channel and I, the three step for new entrants to win customer business.

3. want to often online.

3. perfect service process – re sale guarantee

9. deal with baby pictures.

6. identifies stable purchasing channels.

tips: many products have their own production base, so you can start on these bases, such as the origin of clothing mainly concentrated in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Guangdong area, comparing these local supply styles representative, and the price is cheap, is a good choice; and cosmetics is in Shanghai and Guangdong. The same is true of other products. It’s easier to find what you want if you’re scouring the production base for the product.

16. doesn’t summarize sales experience and look for problems that have occurred.

to find products to pay attention to many aspects, such as the current popular products is a good choice, but also to consider the long-term interests, if a product can only do a period of time, so it did not take long to find products, and for products not only trouble also affect sales, so the best choice just began to rise, and a certain the development potential of the goods. There are also three products to choose from, so that you can find something cheap, good and good.

said so much, but in fact is nothing more than a few. Confidence, patience, perseverance, determination. Step by step, solid, do not easily believe that the Internet called SEO, a day to send you a few original article, plus dozens of links, a month after waiting for sh419 ranking promotion, giving the impression that money seems to like Everfount every day. In fact, a considerable part of the software is used to send you to the outside of the chain, not only no effect, but it will bring harm to your site. sh419 and Taobao was tight, don’t adding the trimmings. Steady day, send 10 BBS, than mass 100>

14. wants to do, learn to use.

open Taobao shop, the first thing is to find products, good products to win customers trust, but also only good products can help you get good reputation, continue to grow and develop, and stand firm on the internet. Product quality is the guarantee of our survival, so when looking for products must be carefully selected.

11. observes and analyzes the relationship between product shelf time and browsing.

18. replace goods with season.

12. do your map.

is now even an ordinary business leaders also know to do advertising, Taobao business is even more so, there are many pioneers have taught us how to brush reputation, although this is not a bright road, but no credit there is no sales, so the new businesses in the beginning must be planning to promote shop.

13. familiar with Taobao functions.

4. regular forum posts and replies to other people’s posts, so anxious people are anxious.

19. pay attention to baby keywords.

10. detailed product description.

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