Wang Sicong and MA in music as Sports Bureau Sun Hongbin estate ambition XianshanloushuiBad guy Yang

went bad, is located west of the office, you will be a huge poster in front of the attraction. It is a famous film "The Shawshank Redemption" in the scene, the protagonist in the experienced all kinds of hardships, after successful escape, in the storm enjoying newfound freedom.

Nandu reporter was informed that, as music, sports town will be dominated by the line of business groups. This means that, as music has abandoned the sports contest copyright model, and the business form only retained in the Hongkong company. Music as sports, with the fall of sports town project, music as sports line of business under the business group of business, from a single point of the event operations, sports training and other products services extended to small town as system service unit, covering a variety of sports scene. In addition, after the round of investment, the music as the headquarters of the sport intends to move from Beijing to Ningbo, Ningbo Italian ecological park.

Sun Hongbin

now, the worst thing for a bad guy to do is to run. Eight or nine at night, in the white side of the embankment of West Lake or in the nearby path through Cape Road, running is becoming a habit that he insisted every day.

music sports euphemistically to the outside world to express the changes in business models: government background funds into the health business model is exploring healthy music, significance. This means that the music as the sports business model from the realization of copyright content in the past into commercial real estate model. And this model has always been respected by Sun Hongbin.

bad old man named Yang Yang, because since childhood think is a bad child, "bad" name also followed gradually grow up, from "bad child" to "bad guy", now some people call him "bad God".

however, since the beginning of this year, as music, sports because of the lack of blood transfusion and the loss of the AFC Champions League, super and other important football relay rights. And since Sun Hongbin investment music after, but also repeatedly expressed the music as music sports wantonly buy high event copyright criticism.

anonymity insiders have told reporters that the south, the original music as sports is a "IP operation platform + content + Intelligent + Internet service of the whole industry chain of ecological sports company, the main business is through the purchase of large quantities of sports events will come to the users of copyright music as sports platform, then get the income through membership and advertising.

doing business in Hangzhou, to "go" and "bad" are not unfamiliar. As the originator of Hangzhou pie, a pie Hangzhou have lead to glory. And as the Internet and electricity supplier elderly, in this circle, know the "bad guy" this name is not less. Worked Jiayuan, treasure net, Taobao and other Internet Co experience, let the bad guys become a circle of people cross.

not long ago, he was on micro-blog’s self motivation: "run 3.7 miles with Nike+.". What I hated most was running. I don’t like it at the moment. At least I’m willing to accept it and enjoy doing it. All the things you hate is all you need to face and overcome. Come on!

insiders believe that, as music, sports, Sun Hongbin is behind the attack, in fact, domestic events, copyright content, poor liquidity. Sun Hongbin once said: "super copyright should not buy, super last year copyright spending 1 billion 350 million, a total of 50 million, a loss of 1 billion. The matter is out of the question".

as Hangzhou’s first Internet and electricity supplier theme cafe, cafe friends beta has become the most popular venue for business practitioners in hangzhou. Bad people also gradually from an Internet and electricity supplier "old man", grew into a traditional background of the electricity supplier company’s helm. For him, this is not an easy change, traditional enterprises and electricity providers, business logic and business novice, bad guys need to start from scratch.

in the music as the interior, the founding of China’s chairman Sun Hongbin shadow increasingly heavy.


Internet and electricity providers elderly "bad guy" in the electricity supplier on the way to become a driver, or a beginner. Now the bad guys define themselves as quasi traders".

Xianshanloushui estate ambitions

, "I’m just a fun kid,"

business model 180 degrees big change

in 2009, a group of former Ali employees, such as the bad guy, white crow and Feng Dahui, founded the beta cafe in Hangzhou. At that time, living in the vicinity of the cafe as bad project supervisor, every day at noon in the cafe opposite the KFC to buy a tender cow five, and then go to the cafe to see construction.


text / world network reporter Cao Wenjun

"this problem is not the music as a family in the face of.". "But, as the music itself funds chain problems to enlarge this problem," the industry believes. At the time, Sun Hongbin even claimed, "we have been pushing."…… Sports now >

music town sports as a substitute for copyright realized

bad group inside, there are several groups: love circle, interactive experience circle, Hangzhou faction women’s electricity supplier group, Ali 88 group…… Among them, the most famous is the Hangzhou beta friends.

yesterday afternoon, as music, sports claimed by the Italian ecological park Ningbo subordinate fund and B round of some shareholders increased capital of 3 billion yuan. Nandu reporter learned that these 3 billion funds, there are Wang Sicong’s manufacturing investment and Ma’s Yunfeng fund with investment. According to the financing agreement, the high quality comprehensive construction land used as a sports town project is the main asset of the capital increase. However, the address of the town has not yet been determined. The site is planned between Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo.

, Haruki Murakami was in

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