Why is content marketing so hot from Papi sauce to FaceuTalk about the very hot blogs that are being

five. It’s important that your blog has enough content to attract users. You can look at the Sina blog ranked the blog before, Han Han and Xu Jinglei, they are celebrities, content to attract users; Siu Ming Tsui’s blog, they are financial experts, the content to attract investors and other users. So what does your blog appeal to,

two. If you want your blog to make money, you have to be popular. If you want to attract traffic, you have to have a lot of original articles. Search engines like originality. It’s an indisputable fact that if your article is original and will stick to your blog every day, you’ll get a lot of browsing from the search engine. Net friend is also like originality, so help to train Internet users loyalty to your blog.

BAT with its own development system becomes more and more huge, while investment and acquisition layout front longer, traffic patterns will become increasingly concentrated, search by sh419 and Tencent, Sogou 360 game control, basically is the Tencent and NetEase in the world, the social is no one can shake the , WeChat, Ali is have an absolute advantage in areas such as electricity providers, platform entrance level has been divvy up. Existing in China >

one. It’s getting harder and harder to put ads on your blog. Most ASP free blogs no longer allow bloggers to place ad code on their blogs, which puts obstacles to the way our blogs make money. If you want to make money, you have to choose blogs where you can place advertising code, such as dispatch, blog, etc..

content has become a new flow of entrepreneurs entrance

often concern Wangzhuan the users know that Chinese Canadian bloggers rely on their blog earn tens of thousands of dollars, caused by Internet blitz, many people envy, but also caused a lot of people on blogs, a blog about how to make money "article published on various websites, the Chinese people to talk about the understanding of money for the blog.

in the culturally developed America, content and related IP development has been the mode of the whole industry chain, and good content will be translated into large movies, TV shows, games, toys and other modules. Social media and content marketing in the United States is already a very mature industry. Few companies will not touch. According to eMarketer data, as early as 2008, the proportion of companies using social media marketing in the United States was 42%, accounting for 73% in 2010, and is now as high as 90%. At present, the domestic content and cultural entrepreneurship is still in the initial and personalized stage of development, while the content marketing proportion is relatively low, but the rapid development, no doubt has become the mainstream trend.

six. Don’t try to make fake blogs". Some people try to make use of other people’s "fame" to make blogs, that is to say, the blogs they make are names of some famous people. The net Wangzhuan have found some so-called celebrity blog is fake, fake friends. The content of these blogs is also forged or collected everywhere. This blog may bring some traffic at first, but is very dangerous, because once it was found that blog is fake, feel cheated, your speech will spread to expose the scam, let you down! Network public opinion is terrible!

from 2000 ad Papi sauce to AIKE for countless endorsements, from financing billions of dollars into the billions of years to his uncle, WeChat rice cake mother, from the explosion of the Faceu to the top of the snake, the existing pattern of mobile Internet competition, content and distribution of more and more business hot, behind this flow of competition and marketing has become a strong driving force, why content marketing will be more and more popular


four. Don’t make blogging so easy. People who can earn money with their blogs, most of whom have been through three or four years of accumulation, have today’s achievements. So lazy people are not good for blogging, because they can’t keep up.

eight. Not only to make money through the blog, Wangzhuan > any shape

three. Insist on. Don’t look today published 6 articles, and 6 days later published an article, users do not love this blog search engine does not love this blog, so for your blog traffic harm.

content has become a strong demand for consumer upgrades

A new force suddenly rises.?

is related to the content of entrepreneurship, and not what happens, has always been there, but because of the content of the monotonicity, network hardware limitations, distribution channel constraints, and user groups of the culture time, until the last two years, with the maturity of the network terminal, the rise of micro-blog, WeChat and other platforms, the consumption structure of lead the economic and social factors, the content of the start of explosive growth. Content related marketing is also natural.

In case of

with a generation of young user growth, definition of their own, to explore and find their own interests, not to conform, user groups overall change and transformation is happening. These young users are the real information and network generation, while also carrying too much of the marketing information, in this process, there is a significant feature, they want to find their own interest and consistent people and groups, even more concern is the form of communication, Wei long hot strip of this kind of case it shows the importance of this transfer success. In this case, the star, large, big network V, fan economy has become the kind of appeal, the best way to export and. Where there is concern, where there are traffic and business opportunities, naturally become the merchant and advertisers are most concerned about.

seven. Be sure to succeed as long as you keep on walking. There are also many successful examples, such as moonlight, blogs and so on, but it took a few years of hard work to achieve today’s results.

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