Problems in the development of China’s online advertisingAll vehicles into the acquisition of suprem

"car network and Xinyi car loan contact, to further explore the merger, the future will be easy to flow, Xin group users, funding support." An anonymous car network executives told reporters China "business".

everyone in the car after the rumor, there is news that Yixin car loan is the acquisition of the used car business platform to buy, but not everyone but the car car network. Although the incident has been clarified, but the unstable use of second-hand car business platform instability, industry development and other ills, but has attracted much attention.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

"this" Oolong incident "reflects the worries of used car electric providers. Although the market opportunities are great, but the development of second-hand car electricity supplier is not plain sailing, from last year, second-hand car electricity supplier financing also tends to cool down." "Only capital investors," Xu Qingzhong told reporters.

online advertising is the Internet for media release, dissemination of commercial advertising. Internet advertising began in the United States in the 1994. Since then, online advertising has gradually become a hot spot on the Internet, the world network advertising can be developed by leaps and bounds. At present, the online advertising market is growing at an alarming rate, and the effectiveness of online advertising is becoming more and more important.

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C2C as a model of the industry representatives, under the banner of "no middlemen profit" and "owners sell, buyers spend less money under the banner of all cars and used cars be on a par with seeds. All the car founder Li Jian has publicly said: "this is a model of a close call mode." The >

used car business is a new mode of the birth of the Internet era, including C2C, C2B, B2C, B2B and C2B2C five business models, and the formation of all cars, second-hand car seeds and excellent letter of second-hand car, many game player surrounded by a situation of tripartite confrontation market form. However, the drawbacks of each model are gradually emerging, and the most prominent is the C2C model.

May 25th, the online circulation of second-hand car electronic business platform, everyone car is about to be sold to the Internet, finance, car companies, Xin Xin car loans. It is reported that the car is easy to car, by Xin Tencent, Jingdong and sh419 jointly invest in the Internet banking platform. Broke the news: the sale of reason is the problem for all car independent development seriously, such as entrepreneurial team dilution, operations level lost to competitors in the seeds of second-hand car, customer service service and auto finance links have been unable to become bigger and stronger, and no profit so prominent.

previously, the network transmission of all cars will soon be sold to the Internet, finance, car companies, Xin Xin car loans. In this regard, all car official responded: "this is false news broke the competing products, with communication contraband, misleading the public, all vehicles will pursue the related media responsibility."

, vice president of the China Automobile Circulation Association, Luo Lei also said: "because the used cars are non-standard products, the control needs to be strengthened, and the market is in the initial stage.". In the development of a new format, the problems in this industry will be highlighted. But this does not mean that the new format is not good, but just show the role it plays, can drive the correction of the market, and help the industry to form standardized development."

disadvantages highlight

everyone in this car really is the acquisition of supremacy? A oolong, the real protagonist is car network.

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