The difference between the GG Adsense search League and the traditional search boxA non technical pe

himself does not meet one day a few dollars, entered the ranks of the registered hand, is to continue the registration, cheating, registered a website membership is 2 cents, I remember a day when most of 500 registered users, this world can make a 20-50, there is a lift. But this work is too tired, every day down tired, and slowly can not support it.

my Wangzhuan is from 07 years of the start of winter, a whole winter night of sleep all night, I always believe that the network can make a career, at least can accomplish a job. I started with the vote. Voting for IP is slow and slow. More than 10 hours a day, small enough to earn 5-20 yuan, but that was the first time I made money from the Internet. It was exciting and gave me the confidence to continue doing it.

second, bidding is very simple, do not imagine so complex, that is, the purchase of traffic, the sale of products finished. Middle part? Marketing, what is marketing, is to use various means to allow users to buy our products, users buy our products, we make money, so simple.

I want to thank two people here, my first teacher in Jiangsu Wangzhuan dragon and I bid teacher Xu Xu of Guangxi. They let me go on the road of formal wangzhuan.

first, search more every day, write down each keyword search and see which sites in the operation, many of the search words, back in a few days to see if, after a month, this website still do, what it means? He is profitable, you can direct his product, or do similar products.

The ads for

I’ve been bidding for more than a year now, and I’ve summed up my experience,


was doing the registration. I knew the dragon. We worked with the advertising Union and made the garbage station. The first more than 600 months of income, but because it is cheating, actually received 240 yuan, is the breakthrough quality I have engaged in wangzhuan. The temptation is to register.

1. traditional search boxes appear above the search results see below;

The main difference between

‘s traditional search box and search union is, in appearance, that the search union can display links to related keywords near the search box. For example, a web page is the second-hand laptop, then the page in the search box shows "second-hand" or "notebook" relevant keywords, click on these keywords, directly into the search results page.


A few days later

1. The ad position in the search results is different:

two, the search box has different styles:

do the League at the same time, I know a lot of friends, operation alliance second months, the group shouted this bid.

, because search ads display on the right side of the search results page, therefore, compared to the traditional search box advertising, click rate is low. From my stats situation, search alliance to search every day about several ten thousand times if the number of clicks, not more than 10 times, the click rate is lower than 1/1000, far lower than the traditional search box click rate.

three, the income Commission is different:

four, click rate is different:


shlf1314 Adsense search advertising, there are two forms, one is the traditional search box, and two is not long ago launched the search alliance". What’s the difference between these two? Let’s make a presentation.

is currently promoting shlf1314 search alliances, search commissions are higher than traditional search boxes. The exact height is not known because shlf1314 did not publish specific standards. According to my observation and analysis, the search alliance in each search click income, at least more than the traditional search box more than 2 times the price.

third: several elements of bidding must have opened 1.400 telephone: 2. online customer service 3. cash on delivery 4. shipping 5. online order 6. website Zhaijisong auction page to the formal………….

2. search Union ads appear on the right side of the search results see below.

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