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Adam was born in Guangdong, Zhongshan. In 2001, he immigrated to Hongkong with his parents and completed his elementary school to university in Hongkong. Graduated from Chinese University Hong Kong, business management professional Adam, no computer background, no big company work experience, in the late university that start business, can be regarded as a more typical Internet grassroots entrepreneurs. According to Adam, the character he is more mature than their peers, know how to do early planning for their future, entrepreneurship is always his idea, his choice of business majors also hope to be able to understand business knowledge, know how to make money, to lay the foundation for their future business. As for why eventually walked into the Internet industry, more chance coincidence.

this is a guest to do at the beginning of last year’s fire, combined with the SEO to do the ranking obtained passive income. For example, all know the weight loss, breast enhancement and other effective Taobao products, this method we can do now, of course, looking for long tail words will have to spend more time, because these business >

HSBC Youth Entrepreneur Award is a business plan writing competition for Asian tertiary students. It is held annually for full-time undergraduate students in Hong kong. In 2009 Adam sophomore participated in the contest, and the lack of time, he will put on themselves before learning a paper version of the electronic resources idea of the perfect little direct participants, particularly worth mentioning is that the tablet computer hardware design at the Adam on the market at that time has not yet appeared, in his business plan the book will be "hardware manufacturing and supply" as the key link of your project. After the competition, his project eventually entered the semi-finals of the territory, and in the competition to meet the Chinese University Hong Kong Business School professor Bernard, a year later became a partner.

this is by far, I know and understand a few common operations in the project, here summed up and analyzed, I hope the new friends have a train of thought and direction, you can take less detours. Every day the forum has new friends to join, whether novice or contact network time is relatively long, all in order to learn something through this platform to make money. If you are a veteran, it can be said that almost all experienced some toil and project did not make money, or have been cheated, but if the novice had never experienced disappointment or cheated, may not realize a formal responsible training team is more important to you, so also hope that new cherish here in the learning environment and communication the environment.

one, for advertising alliance for the purpose of the station. This kind of station can be made into many categories, mainly depending on the type of advertisement you do. It’s better to link up with the content of the site and produce better results. For example, the movie station, you can do the player to download, that is, CPA class, you can do game popups, you can do click.

two, do a single page Taobao guest website

teacher said, the development of electronic commerce will be implemented in the sale of goods, including some of us advertising alliance click registration, also indirectly help improve their visibility in the advertisers to buy, but for us, on the meager income. So here are to share as a necessary basis for making money online, that is, the ability to build a site, through their own website for publicity, the following are also required through the web site to achieve.

and I contact the mainland Internet entrepreneurs are different, there is no strong cultural atmosphere in the more than 20 year old Adam Tong, showing no obvious vitality and powerful gas field, even at first glance some mental fatigue. Adam, Chinese name Tang Zhenwei, is currently working with his colleagues in Hongkong to operate a Internet Co named InTechnigence, the main product is e-learning system for Hongkong primary and secondary schools. Because of the recent product system replacement platform, Adam was so busy that interviews took place around his lunch hour.

in Hongkong, students schoolwork pressure, textbook alarming number, and high price of books in Hongkong, every year for the learning materials cost per student in Hong Kong between 3000-4000. Adam is currently developing an electronic learning platform supported by iPad hardware devices. With the Hongkong government investment 140 million yuan e-Learning Pilot Scheme electronic learning pilot program project, Hongkong has more than 20 primary and secondary schools iPad configuration rate is close to 100%. Small and medium sized IT enterprises interested in developing software system platforms can promote their products and services in the experimental schools by applying for the project fund. The pilot scheme is dominated by the government of Hongkong, with small and medium IT enterprises participating in similar bidding. Adam’s company is >

development and income of such stations: advertising alliance, traffic is a very important factor, many people are because of traffic will not engage in, did not make money or give up. Secondly, deduct the amount of advertising alliance is becoming increasingly serious, and even reached 50%, if the actual post promotion that day really do not have enough time to do some CPS. There are many use of temptation page to do, do not involve illegal information content, not only the space is closed, may also involve legal liability. At the same time we open online a lot of false advertising will see, almost all of the publicity on the advertising alliance earn hundreds from the principle, every day there are many novice fooled, from the long-term perspective through advertising alliance is really difficult to make a lot of money. Do a more stable, every day is also a dozen dollars. If you stay in advertising alliance station movie station this kind of project, I think we can learn under the "reverse thinking method" movie station used to extend to other projects will bring greater profits, such as Amoy, bidding, Taobao stores are more valuable, here person does not recommend stay in advertising alliance on.

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