The new station was founded in 6 days in Shanghai from 0 to 1 weight share experience



3, the chain should be overwhelming and incisive.

is a new web site because I did not put any advertisement, other unnecessary things are not, even the content of the website is not fill, so this is a great advantage to the website. Is a website, jump speed, two, is easy to grab a spider.

4, popularity, traffic is the real king (I think the most important thing).


webmaster friends, this is my first paper silver, the name of the website is: the first paper silver analysis network, I was engaged in paper silver in the long-term practical experience analysis (ads to be here and to love their paper silver or webmaster friends can communicate with me QQ:2585119917). Today to share with you a new website 6 day Shanghai PR from 0 to 1, the first to have a picture of webmaster friends.

can responsibly tell you that the user experience is the first one in Shanghai dragon. This is my second site, the first site is to do hair every day to do optimization, love Shanghai more than 10 days included, snapshots of days >

1, the website should be simple, overall structure is simple.

website is in love with Shanghai until 03 2012 13 August 08 2012 03 month, 6 days less than time. Why is a new station that speed can make love Shanghai to give 1 of the weight, I think there are several reasons.

2, the content of the website every day with new, users need most.

here I can tell you now is not what the website can send up link, that is how I send the chain? I in all the big community, love Shanghai Post Bar, Sina, Tianya, and etc.. Analysis of my paper are overwhelming silver hair, each site just send a theme, but the site is not possible to send the chain, I only in the content of the article finally leave a sentence "analysis of more paper silver please see the first paper silver network analysis, web site can view the personal information, or search engine input the first paper silver network analysis."

in the past few days I have to insist every day with my new website, have the original, there are also many collected literally change went on, but every day with new users can see, and look forward to new things, I want to have this in part because there are reasons of my paper silver the.

in my opinion, love Shanghai algorithm no matter how to count, it is not the main purpose for the majority of owners, but allow users to look comfortable, let users more convenient, and our website can retain customers, give customers a better experience, love Shanghai natural to our high weight website, but I say is the real IP and PV, the brush is not included. (picture)

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