Actual combat to see how was restored by competitor’s website ranking

also has a long way to go!


to any business station, the original is always the common enterprise station. The related contents and update frequency of competitors are very reasonable. Can not deny others whether the content is pure original, but the article’s point of view, the theme to the author was able to provide a written.

first through the webmaster tools query about the main keywords – metal bellows, the second ranked station is analyzed according to the. The first row is not stable in view in the author, but also through the webmaster tools query, data is not so normal, which is totally contrary to the outside. Look at the overall data of the site included, the volume is very high, and the chain of powerful groundwork, it just proved that the classical term "content is king, the chain is king


indeed, a competitor’s site can get good rankings, that their search engine optimization techniques to get recognition. If so, why we cannot use his optimization approach to the use of website optimization to own? The answer is, absolutely can. Because the author is through the analysis of competitors and optimization techniques by using optimization techniques of the rival’s own website optimization, which will own website recover! According to a company’s own good will stand as an example to analysis of metal corrugated pipe. This station is not ranked before September, is typical of the serious K station that website is K for many factors, including too much junk content, Links disorder, home page keyword density is unreasonable. So, in the face of such a series of problems exist in the enterprise station, to recover the

, a content analysis of correlation and update frequency of




however, if a website is not equal to the ranking of empty boxes, useless! And this station is the enterprise station, it is imperative to recover. So I first thought or hope to learn the essence of competitors. This technique is also the author of consistency, the author of a lot of Taobao railway station are on the way to obtain the ranking.

in modern society, whether it is the Internet or social reality, as long as there is a conflict of interest where there must be competition, since it is the competition, will be the first generation. While the first and only one, so everyone under the cruel dark must be done on the first transaction, a general appearance seems to dance forest congress for a leader a fuss (excessive optimization), covered all over with cuts and bruises the result is still unable to get good rankings. With the optimized generous on their web sites, such as our first look at their competitors, think about why people can be in the first row, we also ought to optimize their skills from the rival school? The master said "know the grandson, 100 war old

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