Design of the Shanghai dragon website layout sketch

why should we set the plate, the plate to meet the demand which, if not removed, it is not necessary or that it is a necessary condition, if it is not a necessary condition, it can get rid of it. A web site to a talent shows itself it is impossible, you need to constantly stamp, fine-tuning, modified

website, to illustrate the content of the plate products, specific, clear even to the number of articles within the chain, what place what the content of what is important and what is not important, and according to the layout of the user browsing habits, look at issues from the user’s point of view. What is the biggest demand of users, how to provide what we can offer.

plateEach function blocks the

3, to illustrate the reason this set

website sketches of good and bad, directly determine the optimal development speed of 1-2 years, the ranking website keywords and web site, which determines the site pattern, determine the direction of the website optimization. We should according to their specific needs to design the website, as long as the main demand to do fine on it. Sometimes we even want to learn how to give up. Even if we do not have this part of the flow Never mind, we must ensure that our content is the accuracy of the best

our website it in what form is displayed to the user, pictures, text, video, web site specific what is needed to show what function, we must be very clear planning. Shanghai dragon is a website planners, a website operator, a good product manager

constant indicates that the page specific function

a simple website sketch, it is necessary to include these parts! In addition: we should combine the needs of users, how do learn to analyze competitors, how to do


2, regional demand positioning principle

1, user demand positioning principle

news is to meet the needs of minority enterprises, we can not say that no one click on the news, it is also one click, but this thing must be removed, it is a corporate website cancer

2, to explain the specific content of

There are a lot of

core positioning principle

For example:

contains a regional word must do regional websites, and must be. Because of your regional words, you don’t make a regional website, your conversion rate will be very low. This is the first, the second is very difficult for you to come to the front row, along with the development of the search engine.

a keyword it user needs, we only need to meet most of the needs of it, we don’t even need a small number of users, and even can be removed, then this is our user needs, from this principle we go to the construction site is relatively easy.

sketch the layout of the three core elements of

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