Alias resolution cause the website snapshot stop the webmaster too much to handle

for your visitors, alias resolution will only further lead to slow the speed of the open web page. The website uses a virtual host, and service providers operating state and bandwidth itself is not ideal, alias resolution website will only give the server pressure further increases, resulting in a decline in its operating results. The user sends a request to the server on the web, often due to long time operation error, causing the user to increase the bounce rate. Through the love of Shanghai statistics can be seen, the website open left users, through further analysis, should not be content is caused by the low bounce rate increase, the user is likely to be in the range of patient site is not responding to hurry out of. The website jump out rate is too high, it is easy to love Shanghai is aware of the user experience of the website is not in place, in a disadvantageous position in optimization.

communication with the manager to know, the site has not been filed, in line on the website coincides with the held eighteen, filing all accounted for suspended. The site is mainly related to the content of tourism website, the company in order to ensure the normal site in the filing period to open, take the alias resolution way to ensure the normal operation of the website. The difference with the normal analysis, domain name server to resolve the CNAME value still need to use the host IP, the direct connection of the host IP go a step further. Which website open speed slow, the spider crawl the site due to prolonged due to the required time, the pressure must be increased to grab. The spiders crawl for a small website there is a certain time limit, the dragon shaped responsible website page directory was not done optimization, under normal circumstances, the spider also requires at least 5 layers to crawl into the content page, the alias resolution under the condition of less spiders in finite time under the crawl content. Will cause the content of the website included not fully.

love Shanghai itself on the website of the server parses feel satisfied, if the site’s jump out rate further increases, often can not open the web site of the phenomenon, the snapshot not update or small things, even worse is the ranking of the site appeared stop and backward phenomenon. The website main keywords tourism website early to love Shanghai second pages, and even tourism website design once entered the Shanghai love home, but due to the above problems caused by the site’s ranking after a charge soon after and will go down, let the webmaster too much to handle. Thought it was the beginning of the optimization strategy is wrong, or in.

dragon "by the last stop website snapshot complaints can be completely solve the problem?" the share, I believe that beginners webmaster how to realize website snapshot stop, how to find out the real reason, only through the love of Shanghai snapshot complaints can only be a temporary solution to solve the problem from nature. Through in-depth analysis of the site, that is the server problems caused by, resulting in the site often isn’t open, included in the page is not very good. Through the love of Shanghai statistical index query that is reduced in a large scale, the website of the whole operation environment is not optimistic.

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