As the Shanghai dragon search website operation skills you can use

but access to the two characteristics of the key words of "Aska Yang", "forever", so you can quickly find the song, see figure

Scene analysis using

understand the working principle of the search engine buddy may know, when we enter the information in the search box, it will compare the data and index database of their own, and then calculate the ranking feedback to the search results page, and calculate the ranking is a very important factor is the correlation matching, the matching degree is high, the more there may be displayed;

so we can increase the matching degree from the start to think of the characteristics of keywords together, this can quickly help me locate what you want;

we normally search is enter a keyword or a few words, this result is sometimes hard to locate what you want;

what is the characteristics of combinatorial search keywords? Said the white point you can think of is the target keywords combined search;



, a combination of features keyword search


once before, I was walking beside, happened to hear a song, just put the chorus, I love to listen to the melody, I can get the information that song is sung by Aska Yang, and heard the lyrics there is no other, don’t know.

soon we will be able to locate Aska Yang’s "once"; in fact, a scene like this there are many, such as us to a movie a shot is very familiar, I just can’t think of the name of the movie;

has been, I for many novice friends to ask how I should study this problem the answer is: the use of search engine. It can be said that the search engine is our own best teacher, not only high efficiency, but also the way to learn experience really is your own, the more important is that it will not charge any fees to your learning, is the time you have to pay the cost. In fact, most of the time, most of the problems in the process of learning the novice can through their own search to solve, but a lot of friends but spend more time to ask others, may finally solve the problem, this is a method. Today we’ll talk about, what are the skills of search as web site operators to master, not only can improve the learning efficiency, but also can improve work efficiency;

For example

: only know a few characteristics of keywords, we do not know the subject itself, we can through the combination of feature keywords (intermediate use whitespace) search;

or we are looking for a particular site, we can use the method of multiple features combination of keywords, to improve the search precision, such as

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