Optimization strategy of Shanghai dragon in different stages of the website


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website in the optimization process inside the stage is divided into the former three, each stage has different characteristics, so different measures should be taken, so that it can be optimized to maximize the effect.

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today if a site can enter the top 20, basically is to look at the user’s choice, users also want to see a website search engine will automatically put the URL of the website ranking up, such a stage will not rush to engage in drainage and click. See in the search engine optimization operation when we can, in fact, he is very time consuming, which is why the investment although do not need too much, but need to spend some time, because it requires effective time.

In fact


turn a little bit inserted into the first 20 meters, even so, cannot be anxious need to rely on time to slowly went on to be effective within two to three months.

keyword in the 100 outside, so this time only two cases, or the site is no new ranking that is a very normal phenomenon. This site is either a problem, perhaps before the ranking, but now there is No. Also make a statement for the first case, for a new web site sometimes may be just on the line, a month will be ranked after two or three weeks. The ranking disappeared, this is a normal situation.

website optimization process, each stage has a corresponding optimization strategy, some because his focus is different, so the direction of growth will be different, if you want to achieve different effects, or better, so in different stages will be optimized by different means of operation. The first is for a single keyword classification, the classification standards are generally classified according to the rankings.

Today it is as long as

is a website that can go to the top one hundred that belong to a normal website, because as long as the core word at this stage will be ranked. This time if you want to make the higher ranked, it needs to do the vote, is mainly divided into the chain score vote vote and vote content flow score score, the three vote can play a decisive role.

20 to 30

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