Firefox 2 beta version will be released this week in E positive challengeMoney making model for Chi

      6, providing information downloads, such as CRBT, movies, MP3, charging information users mainly.

      14, managing smart products, such as Witkey, wikis, consultants, training, charging smart users.

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

      3, the management of spiritual products, such as novels, professional papers, fees to readers.

      7; business communications intercourse platforms, such as B2B, B2C, and C2C, are charged to the seller.

    8, business ideas exchange platform, such as various blog, BBS website, earn advertising money.

        July 12th message, according to Mozilla website published the news that Firefox Firefox first test version 2 browser may be the fastest release in July 11th.

as a release candidate test version of the software has been released. The software is available to users on a free download.

The latest version of

this free browser software is expected to include a "undo close tab" undo close tab function, allows the user to restore the original tab window after closing a window label in the accident. In addition, there is a spelling checker that works with network tables.

      5; business experience products such as online games, video, entertainment, gossip, money making products, users, and commercials.

      1; operating news information, such as Sina, people’s networks, earn advertising money.

      11; technical products for operating individual users, including software and hardware, to make money for individual buyers and manufacturers.

      13, pure advertising network, individual users will click on paid advertising, earn money, for example by network.

      9; personal communication platform, such as 51 and other dating networks, clubs, clubs, membership fees earned, as well as offline activities.

      10, providing services for individual users, such as IM’s , mailbox 126, earn advertising money and value-added services money.

      2, the management of business information, such as yellow pages mode, enterprise classification information model, the world manager network model, charging information publishers mainly.

      12; provide technical products and solutions for enterprises; earn money for technical products and whole case services.

      4; operating information intermediaries such as sh419, shlf1314 and other search engines, charging business information publishers.

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