The similarity of the original articles to avoid trap website optimization

, a good book just to website content: along with the network information of the huge data, network content with the needs of users gradually differentiation, enterprise site update covering the direction of more and more widely, covering the key words are more and more, this is not only beneficial to the users to retrieve the needed information, but also conducive to the website in the search engine rankings and weight. Give Adsense website creation content before detailing to edit and update the content column outline, it can remind the owners what he has edited, but also can make up for.

usually everyone’s interests are fixed and limited, a responsible webmaster if a website content updates, the scope of their knowledge will have regional and certain limitations, when we give our website updates, with editorial content amount of depth, the creation of more than a dozen or dozens of papers, we will find that the local content of our own editing will be more similar or similar, which will cause the website content update is similar, in fact can be understood as their own pseudo original slowly past articles. With the accumulation of similar content, especially in the sea search engine gradually aware of your content the degree of repetition on the rise, will find hard to update the station in search engine has been deleted, this is what we see, and why search engines for all original content does not have the performance of search engine.

indeed, if the entire Internet content resources is full of plagiarism and repetition, which not only reduces the user experience of access to network information, greatly bruise all artificial creative innovation and struggle of passion. This includes the original author, he worked hard to create the results readily reproduced by other webmasters to get reproduced seems more unearned good content resources to enrich their site. Therefore, the current search engine optimization strategy clearly stressed and encouraged to update the original content website, this is the responsibility entrusted to stationmaster, embodiment is also responsible for Internet users. However, the content of network resources seems to emphasize the original easy to say, it is not easy to do.

website optimization is a dynamic change in the development of occupation, the occupation population character is with the evolution and development of search engine algorithm and self adjustment. During the early stage of Shanghai dragon, is a simple web site keywords, the content of the anchor text layout, Links exchange website content update and reprint practices, and then to the later development of pseudo original update that station. However, the new period of the website of Shanghai Longfeng, accompanied by a crackdown on search engine for web content acquisition, reprint and pseudo original behavior, especially the green love Shanghai new algorithm, caused by the webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng enough vigilance and attention, we have lamented, the content of network resources is no longer easily by.

so as to avoid the webmaster website optimization process of the original article similarity trap? Bai strong network marketing that can proceed from the following aspects:

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