personally as managers share the experience of Shanghai Dragon


a website to fully do the planning work, from the original content, the website of the program, the characteristic of the website where the difference, how to make your own website directly to others website, this website is in the early stage should be fully considered the problem.

micro media alliance experience sharing: (columnist Yu Chenghong) as the saying goes: "don’t want to be a general is not a good soldier", presumably in any industry to follow this principle, so want to get Shanghai dragon optimization, I think we should put themselves in position to set a good, so you can know yourself to do, know what aspects of the problem, which is weak, will Study hard work every day. Here I talk about, as a Shanghai Longfeng manager how do you


website to do the analysis and planning enough, then the Department staff should have full configuration, the main staff are: Shanghai Longfeng a specialist, is mainly responsible for the site of the Shanghai dragon planning, website data analysis and keywords >

Department of Shanghai Longfeng personnel factors


keep the eye view to long-term

as a qualified Shanghai Longfeng management, to fully grasp the site planning work, now a lot of Web site planning on the site in the early stage operation was lacking, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises or some industry portals, they show the problem is lack of planning. Most of the website launch on the website, and without special planning, is a person’s thoughts, or based on their website to make direct template, such an on-line website does not have its own characteristics basically, but can not show their own unique website, for industry portals. Often in the later stages of operation, prone to problems,


do the appropriate operational planning

today, love Shanghai in their algorithm update ceaselessly, industry website old old enterprise website, a large number of dead, which contains a lot before the optimization of "very good" website, the website is really love Shanghai because changes in death? In fact, this site is not a a good plan in the initial stage of construction, also did not develop a long-term goal, for the overall lack of consideration, did not expect long thinking operation website, only focus on the immediate benefits, so the purchase of the chain, collected articles, pseudo original tool and so on and let more site fast times cheating on high weight high the flow of crazy times. After love in Shanghai for more than a year to constantly upgrade without many algorithms, long-term planning website down, and those who think of change, thought content and user age the importance of considering the site most of them survived, and most of the site to get a good ranking in these days.

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