The wording and arrangement of Title Keyword

"|" "-" "," separated, this is the most correct way, in which the final written on the name of the company, it was written.

title to the site with the words, is very important, whether it is love Shanghai, noble baby, or other search engines, the title is an important reference, so it is very important for us to write the title, under my title written and arranged a brief introduction.

Keywords: The first

: first must know what is the hottest keywords in your industry, if you don’t know you can ask your customers, they are generally what Internet search, basically you can determine if the customer does not know, that also can use some software to complete, with the sea competition management system will have a price ranking a, I still feel very good use.

third method and order, we determine the keyword is write words, I suggest that the most difficult to write in the first place, the most simple to write in second, generally written in the end, why? Love Shanghai and Google’s attention to the top 15 words, so most of the fire in the first place why is the most simple, on the second, because of the simple keyword ranking well, will lead to other keyword rankings, can quickly go up, give us confidence. On the writing style is also very particular, we can use the

words of the title of a move not more than 60 characters, 30 Chinese characters, 3 words or so, the title should be targeted, not listed, some software to complete, each keyword written are exquisite.

address of Harbin actual web design —

: finally, we’d better put the title not upload, because the search engine on the static web pages easier, remember don’t stack, on the basic of these, the rest, you must have patience and continuously to promotion, to optimize the key words, again difficult also can sit up.

second: how to determine the key words, we will find a lot of keyword analysis, why? Because there are a lot of keywords heat too much is not good to do, the other is to do the promotion, too much will affect our results, we first fell in love with the sea to come up with a key word search, as the actual station of Harbin my website design, the keyword is Harbin website design, Harbin website design, Harbin website construction, I took these words have a search, PPC, but also must do these, no way can do it, if you feel really bad, you can choose other keywords such as what the company of Harbin website that is good.

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