Want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng still need to write the original article

come to talk about from the media we are familiar with, we go back and think about whether to do well from the media in the article are original? Especially since the early development of the media, if the media since only excerpts from other high-quality articles, it never shows you the person in a very professional, will not be able to accumulate high popular.

from Shanghai, a dragon and Phoenix target

two, from a professional degree

file to write the original article, many owners will feel a headache, it is very difficult, sometimes, our mental open, can’t write a decent original article, how to write original articles on Shanghai dragon help much? Still need to stick to? With this question, we to today’s discussion.

three, from personal interest for

so, if there is a need to adhere to the original article writing? From the following three points to analysis the final conclusion:

original articles belong to the scarcity of content, but now the search engine has been unlike in the past, the lack of content, used to write original articles on Shanghai Longfeng effect is relatively large, but now if you write the original article without any value, then the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix benefit is very limited.

if we want to optimize the home page target keywords, so we only need to write some original articles on the site early on the line, because the site need to accumulate some trust, do not let the search engines mistakenly think that our website is a collection site, is a waste site, until the trust is established, we are no longer necessary to write the original article, because the original article is not much help on page optimization; but if we are to optimize the article page, want to through a lot of long tail keywords to optimize the site, so the original article is necessary to insist on writing, because of the long tail keywords original rankings tend to be better if we write out the original article is of high quality, if only to the original and the original, then write the article is certainly not what value, Nature also won’t have good ranking.

, for example, Lu Songsong blog, as we all know, a very successful person from the media blog, at first Lu Songsong is also writing high quality original article, after getting a reputation to accept others’ contributions, so if you want to let others think you are very professional, so to write the original article is very important.

now, more and more people to write the original article less, the main reason is that many people don’t write high quality original articles, can be attributed to the professional level is low, the belly of goods less, update the website in addition to the direct copy others, the rest is only for some of the original artifacts.

analysis of

to write the original article is very boring, need to have a good mentality, can adhere to the original article writing it often depends on whether we have a keen interest in the result, for different.

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