Analysis of three cases of June Shanghai love to update the site of punishment

According to the June These

in Links also made a big, Links number too much, simply looked at about 50 or so. Love Shanghai may think this is a kind of manipulation behavior, love Shanghai official clearly pointed out that the reciprocal links or link exchange should not be too much, which can be an important reference to "Links > is also the site of punishment


love Shanghai big update, site punished to do a detailed observation, colleagues also love Shanghai to give us the webmaster a clear view of the love of Shanghai shows that this update is mainly aimed at the low quality site, show more cases in the search results of control; low quality sites refer to: original, or false original (rarely original content, or content / machine generated a large collection of the amendment). But the analysis found that the love of Shanghai is not just for the website content and website content in addition to punishment, there are some other factors, such as the station’s theme is not clear, Links too much, outside the chain of quality problems. For the love of Shanghai punishment website made a analysis, found mainly in the following three cases:


for this update found that many sites included and the chain is normal, but not to update the snapshot, keywords ranking disappear, this type of website that can not be what problem in quality content, reason of punishment may be related with the factors of home. Observation of a lot of Shanghai Phoenix blog, blogger content is original, but the ranking is rather baffling disappeared. Good friends to sniff the rose blog as an example, the quality is absolutely not a problem, is his own original, previously popular keyword ranking is very good, is also very good, why a good quality of the site will be punished

contain containing relation, not only in the content update will write the article after do not know on which section of the troubles encountered, but also increase the search time to think of the user, there is no clear easy to let users lost, and search engine optimization guide should clearly tell you: "reasonable classification the content on the website, do not over segmentation", for this blog rose obviously did not do this point. Figure:

careful analysis of his website, found his website classification does not very ideal, to himself as an ordinary user to read an article, often by his column classification to get fuzzy, Shanghai Longfeng optimization, Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, Shanghai dragon money, website promotion, soft skills, long tail keywords, the rose on the column, which contains the other optimization of Shanghai Longfeng classification; Shanghai dragon money is included in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis (profit for others diagnosis; website promotion website) also contains the Shanghai dragon optimization, soft skills, such as:


, a page down the right pages included normal

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