Analysis of website snapshot four factors

modify the title of the site will also cause the love Shanghai snapshot this problem, but also a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice often make mistakes. The site on the line just a few days, feel inappropriate site title began to change, if it is just a few days on the line is OK, if there is a period of time to modify will be a problem, it is possible to love Shanghai snapshot to the title, drawn up before the solution is not to do website. Of course, you can also modify modify, so one or two times, but to see how you changed.

, four Links factors

two, a large collection of articles

as long as the frequency of updates to engage in Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster friends are very important because the love Shanghai snapshot, snapshot update frequency can show the weight of the site, but it is not the decisive factor. When do Links bark are valued in a snapshot of the site, is not only a snapshot of the site, but also included in the site and PR. This website snapshot can play a big role when looking for Links, so once the snapshot correction, webmasters are very worried.

a large number of collected articles, as long as the love of spiders in Shanghai found that included in the site will decrease rapidly, because the love of Shanghai in the database to a large collection of these articles to repeat high article to delete. There is love Shanghai snapshot is not surprising. The solution is a method that is regular quantitative update of high quality original articles, to please the spider, as long as the spider please, then your site included normal point the day and await for it.

modify site Title Factors

, a space factor

last to the Links. The website Links gone mad, or is not a formal legal website, loved Shanghai more normal punishment. It may also appear snapshot of love Shanghai. The solution is to cancel the unhealthy Links, find some high correlation right >

is the cause of the website snapshot? And snapshot of how should solve? Idsem team small Hu Peibin for your detailed analysis.

first to talk about the space factors of instability, in many cases the spatial instability can also lead to snapshot, but this is not the decisive factor. Why? The weight of high site, even though there are so few days to go into space or open the snapshot update every day. For the new station if the weight is low, as long as the space is not stable, so the probability of snapshot is very big. What is the reason? The space unstable open, spiders can’t access capture normal, that day can open space before the snapshot will file. Another factor is the server modification time, will cause the snapshot. The best solution is to find a new home for the site at ease and comfortable stable space.


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