Shanghai Longfeng data analysis skill four website traffic analysis

The most important point is the analysis of

is a very simple example: Keywords "Beijing Shanghai dragon" found on our website users to search, if only from the search habit is more in the industry to master learning experience, but does not rule out a small amount of potential customers will find our website, if the potential customer, probably can be divided into into two categories: one, Shanghai dragon know some knowledge of customers, he will show you the content of the website, whether you are professional, and then look at your service; two, the Shanghai based dragon less customers will understand your service for some more, you said may not very interested in technology. In addition, there are different keyword search into the site analysis, understand Shanghai Longfeng customers may choose the "Beijing Shanghai dragon" professional vocabulary search into our website, hoping to find the most professional and technical personnel or company, and do not understand Shanghai dragon friends may choose to "optimize the company" and "Shanghai dragon company" site optimization "and" love "love Shanghai Shanghai keywords ranking" snapshot ranking "and other words into the site.

data will always be used as a guide, but the website traffic is for us to analyze the behavior of the user guide. From the user needs analysis, maybe we can do some keyword ranking, but the effect is not the natural control, this is passive, so I think the analysis of Web site traffic is the most important combination of user behavior to judge.

generally speaking we are more concerned about the flow of data sites are IP, PV, keywords, traffic sources, and users in the website access time and track, but a separate analysis of these cold data, perhaps we can only feel they are a bunch of lifeless data, this is also a lot of friends think why data is boring but, if we can find some data through the behavior trend of potential customers, and according to the website of the exterior interior modulation, so it can be very good to help you make the decision of Shanghai dragon.

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The analysis for the website data, in addition to the previously mentioned keywords ranking, content quality, these three aspects of the quality of the chain, I believe we are most concerned about is the website traffic, website traffic involves a lot of we need to pay attention to, through the different dimensions of data analysis, the key is to find out the user’s search needs. Then the mining flow value, and make full use of the value flow to enhance the site’s conversion, to achieve the purpose of marketing.

2, the source of the flow analysis

traffic source, from the source to find our website traffic starting point, and then to make Shanghai dragon strategy adjustment, like a > is one of the user behavior analysis mentioned above

user behavior based on these, you can make a preliminary judgment, although it may still have errors, but we will be better to choose keywords.

1, based on user behavior analysis

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