Must master the four website optimization details


we take 58 city as an example, we can see. For example, the demand is to rent a house. He was assigned to the Shenzhen citizens, then enter the information in Shenzhen, Shenzhen with respect to the rental of several large areas, then the big area and subdivided lots. This will give users a comfortable experience. Let him know you oh, now at the east gate of rental housing, if no suitable gate can also click in rental, choose other lots. This is the perfect solution to the user experience.

. The dynamic search engine is able to crawl! But too many parameters may give up to grab, as it is a waste of its cyber source, so we have to do pseudo static. So what is called pseudo static? Is the dynamic path through the rules for static pseudo static path is

details of the two: do the breadcrumb navigation (for optimization and user experience)

did not make the total friendship connection this is the key to friendship connection as long as the home page on the line, if you are the total connection, they are connected to you home page, you give you all of the pages are hanging on his link, you lose or he earns? So let’s big brother bob. Don’t make a call to the station. Do you have a big loss!

two is also very beneficial to optimize. Don’t let the spider lost, let it and the user can know very clearly at present in the website of the position and how to return.




I now take over the business station. 360 browser can be opened by IE, will open dislocation, this is not to write code compatibility. So when you want to do is to tell the developer asked him to write the code compatibility.

website optimization four skills details must master! We must pay attention to these details, don’t take him seriously. Often the details determine success or failure! Please indicate the source 贵族宝贝w2jk贵族宝贝. Understand.

on our website all pages corresponding to a path. There is a dynamic path, some static path. With " " " ="? "%" " & " this is a dynamic path.

Conclusion: the above is the !

we all know site optimization involves many details. These small details on the website ranking and website weight closely. Below I will list must know the details of the four. You put these four good grasp. Basic OK.


four: do not do the station Links

It belongs to the dynamic

details: URL (normalized path processing)

code compatibility issues

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