Novice in contact with website optimization Website optimization need to establish early thinking

second, the content of the construction strategy. A clear purpose, we have to do is website structure optimization design, etc. these factors need to improve before the line, then as a construction site optimization personnel quality content is to optimize the capability based work must also must have, as long as you understand and comprehend the meaning of the first point, in the construction of the article will be handy, every article we really want to pre release, the user needs to solve what? This article is combined with the company’s products or It is quite common for the selling point of their own characteristics and targeted exposition for the user? Some soft things that words do not understand the situation, there is no illustrate etc.. From the author of several questions in the pro may be difficult to find, all of our core construct must be considered for the user, summed up the value of the original is undoubtedly, the degree of scarcity, can solve certain aspects of the user demand. Simple, do these three simple questions for me with high quality and high value of the article is not difficult to create, as can do, do practical things, instead of being infected by the Internet impetuous air, this can only look at how to distinguish.

with a wide range of the development of Internet and electronic commerce seems to be very popular in Shanghai Longfeng people fry very hot, I can not deny that Shanghai dragon is indeed an important part of network marketing of electronic commerce, but not outside the Shanghai dragon preach the miraculous, how mysterious, as a first contact the industry in the pre operation process optimization beginners may encounter some problems, look into Shanghai dragon industry near Shanghai dragon Er taking over a person’s identity and friends of our previous should establish what kind of optimization thinking.

first, clear to establish the purpose of the site to Shanghai dragon. As everyone knows, the purpose of the site is to marketing in order to rank! It might be a little taste of ridicule, but many novice friends often reversed the facts, this is undoubtedly in the optimization caused some operation problems, many novice friends think is the website ranking, in order to flow to orders, these things seem to be right. The purpose of the construction site, but we are in the process of operation if only to immediate interests as the starting point, and to do optimization I think the premise and direction of thinking is not correct, the face of setbacks and failures in the late operation is certainly inevitable, I believe that our core purpose of the establishment of the website is to the need to provide users with the most valuable things, such as product information, business and so on, and only do this Really, to help users solve the problems, then flow weight and order just to meet the needs of users and user experience, we love Shanghai for awards, it is after we solve user problems get booty. So, we must understand the establishment of the purpose of the site, because the purpose and motivation of direct marketing operation, operation behavior directly affects the weight and website ranking which is beyond doubt.

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