The three reason analysis to railway station a month without a snapshot


in the webmaster forums, often asked after also seen a lot of new online search engine is always thinking to crawl your site, always look forward to the site in the search engine query can be displayed in your site snapshot. However, the reality is always cruel, often holding the excitement and pray in the mood to query the site snapshot on his own, are often are no snapshot like results. A friend of the site is the same, from the line to line now for a month, only included the twenty pages, page blank is not included, naturally caused no snapshot. What is the reason that the occurrence of such a situation? Today, according to the analysis of the experience of site to a friend to share with you, for several reasons a new station on the line a month without a snapshot.

look at a small station the friend, on-line a month or not included, for advertising shielding site. Figure:



of each site space is a carrier site whether the normal operation at the same time, if the site space often isn’t open, no natural snapshot is a normal phenomenon. However, for new sites, want to own site to be made quickly must first purchase a stable space, this is the new snapshot of maximum protection. In the analysis of new friends home without a snapshot in the first space for this one does have a deep impression. In general, the author is the analysis for three days, to find out the reasons of all possible effects, the most let the anger is in the process of analysis, the site was in a day for more than a minute visit. However, in this even the space under the unstable search engine could give snapshot? So I think the first for the new station without snapshot, must check the stability of space, if the two or three times a day, or when is often three or four times a week, so this kind of space will be in an unstable state, even if your site was collected, often behind the snapshot stagnation, after all the space unstable natural many times caused spider crawling, and even spiders can crawl, how can update snapshot included more pages.

in the face of new home page not included, which has a very devastating killer snapshot. It is the site of the invalid link, when invalid links to a site and there is too much work to do, so when the spider web page is often sent to the guillotine, even the most basic impression are lost. In the site to a friend in the process of analysis, one of the site’s dead link query processing results through the webmaster tools, don’t know, a look surprised, see:

, a web host often unstable


two, the website had many invalid links

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