Shanghai dragon Er novice must know study keywords for five reasons

is not the purpose of Shanghai dragon, even if the rankings again good, the flow is high, no conversion rate is not, for example, Shanghai dragon is the word, many people search Shanghai dragon to see Shanghai dragon article, not in order to find the Shanghai dragon service, such words often have no conversion, so webmaster in search keywords that should consider whether the conversion rate of

5, find new opportunities for

article by Fuzhou Shanghai dragon www.fuzhou Shanghai dragon er贵族宝贝, please indicate the source


is not a core keywords we must have the most probably it did not actually happen, our data support, a word may not search the most probably it did not actually happen, no one search word is of no value; for example, some of the company’s name or the name of the website. So in the study of key words, to determine their own keywords a certain amount of search, if this error has occurred, will bring a fatal impact.

of key words, hope novice webmaster can get some inspiration, detours in the process of Shanghai dragon.


1, if someone searches for

2, the difficulty of

research is the first step to do Shanghai dragon, the keywords you can let the optimization easier, but many novice webmaster do not know the meaning, so today I share five reasons to do keyword research.

4, the diversity of search

3, looking for effective flow

The original

users often search beyond our contrary to expectation, we can use the keywords to study can be found in many we can not find the words, these words into our website, which can increase the core keywords ranking.

The five reason is more than

find the search amount of words, hot words do not require you to look for the industry, for example, lose weight, rent, tickets, this kind of popular word to do it more difficult, requires a lot of manpower and resources to make up for the general webmaster. So the owners need to be screened in the study of key words, choose the search volume but not very popular keywords.

user search we can not grasp, the author found in the background of the auction, many words may be our own unexpected words, with Internet users to raise the level of their search words began to develop long tail, so that the owners can through various means, increase the diversity of search keywords.

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