Ministry of Commerce to push the 4 e commerce platform to promote Chinese manufacturing upgrades

in May 4th, the Ministry of Commerce held a press conference at the Canton Fair Pazhou hall, published 2011 – 2012 annual key recommendation of the third party to carry out foreign trade e-commerce platform, the Alibaba’s aliexpress four e-commerce platform has become a key recommendation of the Ministry of Commerce platform.

Ministry of Commerce in order to speed up the business platform construction, encourage enterprises to actively use third party e-commerce platform to carry out foreign trade, promote the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade export enterprises.

"push to create Chinese Chinese manufacturing transformation and upgrading, enhance the value of brand China products is a bank must face." Liu Bizuo, general manager of global fast selling said that the next ten years, is the transformation of China’s manufacturing industry in the past ten years, in the process, e-commerce is to help Chinese manufacturing transformation and upgrading, improve the best channel for profit.

traditional Chinese manufacturing export profits are getting lower and lower. Its roots are made in China in the bottom end of the industrial chain, pricing power in the hands of foreign importers and distributors, they earn 90% of the profits of the industry chain. And many domestic export enterprises in order to damage the environment, low wages and other costs on the basis of the profit is less than 10%, some export enterprises and even need to rely on export tax rebates in order to have a profit.

to change the mode of foreign trade exports, and gradually shorten the industrial chain of foreign trade exports, the Internet, e-commerce has important significance.

aliexpress e-commerce platform through the power of the Internet to help shorten the manufacturing Chinese exports of intermediate links, to help small and medium enterprises in foreign trade control terminal sales channels, consumers can make overseas to lower the price of China consumer products at the same time, help China manufacturing higher profit margins.

aliexpress general manager Liu Bizuo said, aliexpress will continue to improve the user experience, to help sellers to reduce the cost of transportation logistics in promoting export, China manufacturing to China create the path of transformation and upgrading, hope that through aliexpress efforts, can rise to more Chinese brands in overseas markets, help more China of small and medium-sized enterprises in the overseas market success.

it is reported that the global fast selling platform was formally launched on April 2010. Alibaba invested $100 million for global promotion, and has acquired Vendio and Auctiva two U.S. e-commerce companies, the world’s fastest selling has become the world’s largest B2B online trading platform.

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