Website optimization is the way of win win cooperation

soft release stress win-win cooperation

optimization of the site exchange links is a homely food, almost every webmaster have done such a thing, since it is the exchange, at least involving the exchange between the two sites, this is a win-win cooperation. For example, we do the optimization of purchasing lottery system site, and related site exchange links, we get the weight of the weight, the other is in weight; for example link trading, while one-way links, but with the money, take the income, but also reflects a win-win cooperation.

1, link exchange about win-win cooperation


now all walks of life pay attention to cooperation and win-win, in the era of rapid development of the Internet, but also the pursuit of resource sharing, cooperation and win-win. In Shanghai dragon industry more embodies the word win-win cooperation, hard times already in the past, if we do website optimization webmaster is still hard, is not up to the optimization effect. From the experience of purchasing lottery system optimization on the site, Shanghai dragon is the most is not a standard, there can be no fixed optimization thinking. In the optimization of purchasing lottery system site found optimization methods in each period are not the same, what kind of effective optimization method, it is the king. But no matter what kind of optimization methods, pay attention to a win-win cooperation.

may station webmaster curious, and love Shanghai cooperation and win-win cooperation, what method, love Shanghai will cooperate with us? Yes, and love the Shanghai cooperation is easier said than done, but we can take a circuitous tactics, and first love Shanghai products cooperation. To realize a win-win way there is sex Shanghai encyclopedia, love Shanghai, love to know Shanghai library and so on, or is love love Shanghai, Shanghai recommend cloud do promotion. Love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love knows Encyclopedia of Shanghai library and so on this product many webmasters are not unfamiliar, do, but are not the same, the effect is not the same. Many people want to use these platforms to send the chain, so that Shanghai can love is not welcome.

so we love Shanghai and how to achieve win-win cooperation? Do website optimization webmaster few thought to love Shanghai and win-win cooperation, constantly looking for loopholes and the search engine to find the law, and ultimately to egg stone, not only that ranking, also counterproductive. Then we change a way of thinking, don’t try to challenge it, with cooperation and win-win attitude, we ranked up, also love Shanghai cool.

from the soft release on the pursuit of a win-win cooperation, the use of someone else’s platform to do the promotion of soft paper, for our own website ranking promotion. As I do in the optimization of purchasing lottery system site, when in love Shanghai to search this keyword row on the home page of the site is almost a few large downloads, just began to optimize my idea is do lottery marketing station do rankings, drive them out of position, as can be imagined this egg to touch the stone. Later I changed a method, by releasing the software purchasing lottery system in their platform, use their platform to do rankings, achieve win-win results.

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