How to improve the network coding and listening speaking reading and writing ability

network media managers are in such distress problems, how to improve the editing literacy heard? How to edit the final surrender to customer satisfaction in the industry level soft? Why network editor so unequal, writing paper can be comparable to certain media editor, and some people even the basic sentence do not do this? In fact, after all is the network editing threshold is low, work is not complicated, more and more job seekers in the ideal work not found before, the network editor as the first station of their own, the industry level is uneven, so that Ueoblog managers want to improve company website influence level enhance the ability of network editor, is the primary goal.

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Almost all source editing thought reading informed hard pen

through the simple example, so want to do a will be written by the editor, the first thing to do a "walk" editor, increase knowledge and experience for you, you don’t have to worry about your strong atheism, but not the actual writing content to impress the reader.

will be the title of the editor

as the saying goes, read 10000 books is, a lot of network editors despite the text basis, but due to limited knowledge and experience, write the contents of plain water, completely unable to attract the attention of users. The author of a friend is Chinese student famous university, the creation of the text is almost difficult to find faults, but relatively, few people praise his good article. But I also know some writing poor editing, but because they have done other work experience, writing down things often very touching, can arouse the reader’s interest.

network editing and print editor the biggest difference lies in their title style, because print readers can see through the first paper books content, so the media editors in the title as long as grasp the key, and then make a reasonable can beautify. The network editor different, one is a massive content on the Internet for users to read; the second is the network readers first see can only see the title of the article rather than content; therefore the network editor must draw up attractive title, to attract readers to watch, to increase PV, provided >

as a writer, reading is the key to ensure that your vocabulary and knowledge of reading books, browse micro-blog, portal website and its daily news industry first hand, will allow you to write a lot of ideas, you have ideas, your pen can be content. If no idea codeword in the case, not only detrimental to the quality of the creative process itself has become very painful. And as long as the daily intake of a certain amount of knowledge, every day about some social news, your ideas will gradually become wide, you can also write the content more impress readers, so reading is not a hobby can become the editor.

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