n the face of uncertain love update and optimize our road to Shanghai how to carry out

According to the observation of

, a new web site, if you can get some votes, the same industry website so, the website ranking will be greatly improved. Some time ago, Shanghai has been in love 2 Scindapsus algorithm for test, the chain observed recently released, the role of the chain has been revealed, the chain effect part now do, unlike before, the chain number, is too large for the website ranking and No. Love Shanghai for the chain requirements in continuous improvement, but the effect is on the decline, and Links performance, recently can let the webmaster to see a little joy, because the role of Links recently seems to have effect, but the premise is that the website of the other side should have the right to re. For the chain, the quality improvement is one of the main basis, we released the chain, if effectively the chain of good, so we webmaster, more to write some original articles, and fresh content to improve the quality of our chain.

love of Shanghai’s original spark program requires more webmaster, to create more valuable content to enhance the experience of their website users. >

in July to enter the search engine update seems to be more frequent, just enter July, fell in love with the sea launched Scindapsus 2 update announcement, mainly for news sources and to combat the soft site. Since mid July fell in love with sea will begin processing in large scale on various websites. Basically on the Internet to do the soft marketing and website marketing news source, still occupy a large part, only in July 20th before and after the update, there are a large number of Web site is down right, and in the next update, more sites began to go downhill, keywords ranking is not stable, Shanghai Dragon industry hit more, only in July in Beijing Shanghai dragon market, keyword index down seriously, and many sites keywords ranking is not stable, also love Shanghai basically for the industry is the start of a big update.

July is love Shanghai launched the original spark program the first month of the two period, which is a start, is a crazy love, in order to enhance the quality of their Shanghai news source site, began a large-scale update on the news source site in July 19th and pushed out a large scope for the sale of the needle the two level domain name and directory sites blow, to purify the search market. We can see that now the search engine many search results show most like the Sohu and some large sites, and many small sites, have been down the right treatment in different degree. To love Shanghai so much, as a Shanghai dragon optimization personnel or a webmaster, how should we deal with

update in content, search engine may be the most strict requirements for a.

in the chain, I think we should have a wider range of reducing spam links.


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