Flow coverage principle eight mantra Unlocking the mystery of traffic sources

coverage rules of GA traffic, estimate doesn’t have many friends; and understand, in the analysis is often easy to ignore. In fact, very early has been done with experiments, and the law, see below:

in the analysis of examples, eight words of the sentence: the most sharply in a number of visits (return), directly from other sources as everyone knows, can not cover! GA cookie is valid for 2 years, that is to say, the user through the referral sources of traffic in the period, even after direct transmission. Enter the website, the GA is still in the "referral traffic".

let us look at what is the eight word mantra:

the detailed experiments are GA traffic rules covering.

so that we can further unravel the mystery before: not a few months EDM marketing case, why there is a direct source of "pretend" e-mail referral sources was originally based on the principle of GA coverage? The results! This batch of direct sources and actually visit the user before referral from

baby Analytics (GA) traffic coverage has its own rules, but the rules are often ignored, for example, before I published the "aristocratic" baby Analytics "suspicious traffic referrals in-depth analysis", has analyzed a number of suspicious traffic, although the analysis of the real source of traffic for direct traffic, but did not reveal the real reason behind. Today, "the eight words flow coverage principle, finally click into place.



Through the case analysis of



The noble

flow, GA flow coverage to further understand the "rules of the game" that can help us in the days after the traffic analysis in greater detail further. The original article: Guangzhou Xinhua Bookstore 贵族宝贝gg1994贵族宝贝

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