Red tiger on my experience is the premise to Wangzhuan Wangzhuan

    network to make money, make money online, referred to as wangzhuan. "Wangzhuan": as the name implies, refers to the use of computer equipment, server through Internet (Internet) from the network profitable way to make money. Speaking of Wangzhuan, as A5’s webmaster, I don’t think anyone would not know who understand the book "earn 500 yuan", but also because of this book, many people began to contact me. But my Wangzhuan experience and most people are different, today to share with you.

my first Wangzhuan is to write a review, at that time I didn’t realize that stock analysts to write (write) and is a way to make money online, then the financial forum in Minfa colorful, I am a person more active, because the stock market saw a lot of books, read about hundreds of the stock the book will often stirs brainstorming, will want to be pen notes, together with many friends of friends, friends to share, it is called the Chongqing name, red tiger, at that time had a reputation. At that time, in order to write a post active Minfa forum to share experiences, often engage in some competition. If someone is talking, for me, is just the sum of TB, well, have to play, the writing is really a lot, we think it is good, winning is taken with the friends of the moderator vote, I often take third-prize two prize what, why never won the first prize, only one of those places, too difficult, of course, I also know you. An article for about 20, 30 appearance, has continued to earn more than and 300 yuan. Basically, people generally do not stock this 200~300 dollars in the eyes, so, I have donated the money to the hope that the primary school project, it is also done a little good.


stock market has a word, money is called "death" to see the light, just as "good to do a bad, bad is good, for I see in the Wangzhuan is almost a network of profitable projects, is certainly not let too many people know that too many people know that this money not easy to earn, also do not make money. So based on this mentality, although many online advocate what day to earn a few hundred dollars, I basically are hard to believe, but I believe the word "muffled money", "do not make money to earn." So, in the two years Wangzhuan the fire, I basically did not participate in any Wangzhuan project. Although not making money, but definitely not lose money. Later also tried to survey ask Wangzhuan like in advertising, "able to perform wonders made 50 pieces", began to believe that wangzhuan. As the investigation and answer Wangzhuan fine aqueous Juan, although Many a little make a mickle., but this survey question advertising how not look like a fortune in appearance, so in the end will give up.

later, comrade Li Shanyou to promote 6CEO cool cool 6 line to take the advertising strategy of burn, is to let users upload video will be able to make money – "money earns together", I carefully pondering a moment, feel reliable, careful analysis, think that somehow Li Shanyou was born.

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