Brush dog attention Fast sell on the false delivery seller or close account

news September 14th, billion state power network that Ali’s export business platform aliexpress will add a "false delivery rule", in which the seller declared 5 days after delivery of logistics information as Internet waybill no false delivery. At the same time, the updated rules will take effect in October 1st this year (U.S. time) began to pay for successful orders.

speed sell side said, false delivery is divided into two kinds:

1, in the delivery period, the seller to fill in the waybill number is invalid or valid and transaction orders but although apparently unrelated, or mislead buyers aliexpress platform behavior. For example: in order to avoid the transaction does not sell invalid or obvious punishment fill in the waybill number and order transaction independent tracking number etc..

2, the seller stated delivery (i.e. "fill in the shipping notice") 5 working days after the free Internet information logistics waybill. "The Internet to provide logistics information logistics business information for the first, online delivery is generally warehouse Lanshou or sign of success; line delivery is receiving and sending information or successful logistics business Lanshou successful information.

according to the severity of false delivery behavior, divided into false delivery of general violations and serious violations of false delivery. One of the serious violations of false delivery, including but not limited to the following situations:

1, the greater the amount of false shipping orders;

2, the seller and the buyer malicious collusion, in the absence of real order transactions, through the false delivery of misleading acts of misleading selling platform loan;

3, a number of false delivery of general violations.

and for the seller’s false delivery of the behavior of fast selling platform punishment as shown below:


as an antidote against the disease but not on, aliexpress sellers give two suggestions:

1, the seller after delivery if the waybill number changes, timely modify the declaration of shipment waybill number;

2, if the seller uses line delivery, fill in the number of logistics delivery on time accurate, truthfully according to the platform requirements; if the use of online delivery or free Logistics: express delivery to the warehouse service, can choose stable logistics providers, to ensure that the goods on schedule to warehouse. Select the door to accept the service, you need to ensure that the logistics business when the door is ready to avoid the cause of the cause of the stocking.

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