Watercress do electricity supplier that thing

now watercress has engaged in things, which is actually a good entry point to e-commerce. Now mogujie.com, the United States said such a fire, shopping sharing community this model is bound to have a place in the future. Watercress begins with the audio book started, watercress group gathered countless like-minded friends, together with the unique watercress community atmosphere and high quality of the user that watercress has a very strong stickiness. In fact, the original bean which will have a lot of discussion of a group of products, such as a brand or a type of digital products, but the contents are true, indeed, the quality is better than to discuss technology inside the site under the category of many products. Watercress independent launch "stuff" of this product, the direction is more clear, all the goods are "things", gathered interested in a class of products by the user, this is very good potential customers for businesses, the late flow through the import into or brand advertising can achieve the penetration of electronic business.

e-commerce site traffic for more and more intense, the user cost is more and more high, watercress traffic and user interest and preference, and clear distinction is the number of companies envy, coveted, calculating, but watercress, unhurried, casual. But watercress cut e-commerce is not easy. Watercress user is a personality, temperament, emotional vulnerability, will cry too narcissistic group, often with anti commercial tendency is obvious, but a band they are touched, will call, and call loudly.

does not undermine the original atmosphere and the user’s mood in the premise of watercress, clever integration into the urban business community life, it is not impossible. Business which is part of life, and live there have been a lot with the brand, group related products and activities of the city, some beautifully designed station itself is the electronic commerce display page.

so, watercress users may not really anti business, they oppose the imposition of commercial, against the taste of different business. But I believe that one day, watercress users will be their own experience store opened on the watercress, and the back-end may be connected to Taobao, or independent B2C.

watercress e-commerce road

1, the next line of life to expand the community, watercress line under the store is an attempt to verify, but also think the black apple blog should be more daring. We found that this is only limited to the watercress on its Web site to promote the internal, and did not see the promotion of their station and coupons in other places. Watercress has formed a strong team and the interest group is set up based on the station. Even I think based on the open group purchase is possible, this does not require the group purchase to deliberate recruiting large investment of manpower and material, there are ready-made templates made of group purchase (Taobao phpwind community e-commerce), only need to cooperate watercress on the line, and then can match the following independent advertising system, allow businesses to automatically set group purchase.

2, along with the e-book

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