By Baidu and BaiduPay have ah domain name domain name investment should not blindly follow the warni

is often seen in the forum and QQ group in the population if the river in a continuous line their own domain name how good, how much of the value of money, or even just registered a few hours, the bed doesn’t cover your warm, couldn’t sell a good price……

however, domain name investment impulse is the devil! "Only people laugh, who hear old people cry, the domain name two words – hard" I put "new butterfly dream" lyrics for this adaptation, do you mind?


and then open the domain name information query site to see how many domain names are about to expire every day, is about to expire, the domain name is about to be deleted, I’m afraid it will not be so optimistic about it,


is now 4 digit, 5 digit.Com and.Cn domain name is difficult to register? Why when you use Baidu Search, or Google search for the domain name, the domain name is found all day hanging in the domain name transactions on forums and websites to be price estimates, but still have not seen a person buy


often in the media of TV News newspaper will see a "glamorous" domain name auction site, the conference saw some domain name to sell hundreds of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands…… I want to know what you think of this matter,


"scandal, are not actors not gossip hype actors; not hype the egg laying rooster, it will not be a ‘chicken name’!" similarly, the domain name will not speculation is very valuable "high" domain name. But I would like to ask, since so much money that your domain name value, why not low-key private transactions, why through the media to promote your business privacy? That is not good in such an unspoken rule for the domain name pose as a person of high morals "low investment, high return" the fact that so many to see whether the doorway insiders, or the layman to watch people are can scarcely wait "impulse", have to throw money, even the big bucks, a roll of gold……

do, but also have a good – a lot of "water" to the domain registrar and agents in the fields, but we suffer these stupid webmasters


I believe that the investment and the choice of domain names, light has a domain name if you do not do a website is not enough, there is no way to reflect the value of. Also, be aware of the profound, you choose the domain name is consistent, and your site theme appropriate, but short enough, the most important is to highlight the concept of.


has recently closed beta 3-4 days of the online shopping platform, Baidu "have ah", his name is very simple, but not rigidly adhere to the traditional, and easy to remember. You can search for information to the domain name registration, including,,, the domain name is registered in December 20, 2007, meaning that the domain name is not registered to others before, nor are those professional domain name registration "expert" notice, I think this is Baidu.

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